How to Use Product Photography to Your Advantage

handgun product photography

How important is product photography? When it comes to advertising, product photography is without a doubt what makes or breaks your ad. Photos of your product should grab the attention of the viewer and make them eager to find out more. The image should stick in the viewer’s brain so that the customer continues to think about the product as their day goes on. But what makes commercial photography so tricky?

Taking a pretty photo of your product is rarely enough to create a lasting impact on the customer. In fact, it can be fairly tricky getting the perfect shot. Here are some of the reasons why commercial product photography can be tough — and some tips on getting the most out of your product photos!

product photography of medical device headgear
Medical product photography

The Product Needs to Shine

In any commercial photography, the product should always stand out. This doesn’t always mean that the photo should have the product front and center — it does mean that the viewer should be drawn to the object when they look at the photo. 

Commercial Product Photography Can Be a Little “Samey”

colorful cocktails on the bar at Lula Sadie's restuarant
Colorful cocktails

If you aren’t careful, product photos can start to look pretty dull. It’s important to make sure you and your photographer don’t fall into commercial photography cliches. While a plain white background can make your product pop, think about ways you can dress your image background to set a mood and create a more unusual image. 

You Need to Focus on What Will Inspire Your Target Audience

Who is most likely to enjoy your products? Think about what photos will make them tick. Not all commercial photography is the same because not all audiences are the same. Make your audience the focus and work from there. Check out this Weebly article discussing “How Important Is Product Photography.”

cocktails product photography

Check out more of our commercial photography portfolio to find out how we can make your products stand out!

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