3 Reasons to Incorporate Video in Your Marketing Plan

Morton Visuals Tips3 Reasons to Incorporate Video in Your Marketing Plan

Business 2 Community published an interesting article in which they examined why businesses refuse to adopt new technology. They narrowed it down to four main reasons: routine, complacency, fear, and money. If you aren’t using videos in your marketing plan, chances are you’re guilty of one of these.

Adding video may seem like an overwhelming change if you have an established business and a set marketing routine. Not only do you have to come up with content and make a video for your business, you also have to figure out how to use video-sharing technology and incorporate it into your current strategy. It’s easier to stick with the status quo (re: complacency).

However, there is a multitude of reasons why you should embrace this change rather than fear it.

1. Everyone else is doing it.

In 2016, 61% of businesses said they used video marketing as a tool. In 2020, that number jumped to 86%. Thanks to mobile devices, streaming services, and the pandemic, more people watch videos than ever before. If you don’t use videos in your marketing plan and your competition does, they have an edge. In the corporate world, a greater edge means higher income.

2. You’ll reach more people.

As we’ve mentioned before, customer testimonials are some of the most powerful marketing tools available to companies. People feel more comfortable accepting a recommendation from a friend than a faceless company. According to Small Business Trends, 92% of mobile video consumers share the videos they watch. Every shared video is a recommendation.

In addition, e-mails with videos get a 16% higher open rate, and landing pages with video increase conversions by 86%.

3. Video in your marketing plan provides excellent ROI.

According to Wyzowl, 89% of marketers say that video has given them a good return on investment. In 2015, only 33% of marketers felt that way. In just five short years, video has made that much of an impact in the marketing world.

Videos are memorable to consumers, and that makes them beneficial to your business. Find out more about our professional marketing video production services by contacting Morton Visuals today.

What are your thoughts?

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