3 Benefits of Incorporating Video for New Hires into Your Onboarding Processes

Morton Visuals Tips3 Benefits of Incorporating Video for New Hires into Your Onboarding Processes

Video has become a vital part of every company’s marketing strategy. However, corporate video doesn’t have to be all about marketing to consumers. You have to market your company and its culture to your employees as well—particularly, to new hires. Have you ever considered using video for new hires during your employee onboarding process? Traditional in-person presentations take up a lot of trainer time. This time could be better utilized doing other jobs, and your content delivery could be perfectly consistent with video.

Most companies have several groups within the business, and each may require a different type of onboarding video. However, training videos and introduction videos for new employees offer excellent returns on investment. Use your veteran employees’ time wisely by helping them avoid running through yet another training regimen. Your videos will see more engagement than an email or handbook.

Most importantly, you get to look forward to more confident new hires and more productivity overall.

Here are a few reasons why utilizing video for new hires is so beneficial:

  1. Your employees are more likely to retain the information.

Studies show that people retain about 10% of the information presented in text form vs. 95% of the information presented in video form. The Adobe Marketo blog suggests that companies present at least the most vital information through video, such as company policies.

  • All employees receive the same information.

Whether you’re onboarding employees for a single office or branches worldwide, training videos can ensure all employees learn exactly what they need to. Video training lets upper management know everything that is said, and it doesn’t leave room for the trainer having an off day and forgetting something important. You can feel confident knowing your employee onboarding is consistent.

Gallup.com found that those employees who believe their onboarding process was “exceptional” are nearly twice as likely to feel confident in their ability to excel in their role.

  • You save time and money.

As Typelane says, using technology can allow management and HR to spend less time on repetitive tasks. Onboarding videos means your employees can be more productive with their time.

Of course, the best way to ensure your video for new hires is well received is to make sure you hire a video production company that knows what they’re doing. Morton Visuals only works on corporate videos, so we understand the importance of professionalism, communication, and the bottom line. We know the most effective approaches.

For example, instructional videos get the most engagement if you keep them to a length of six minutes or less. We can help you break up a longer training session into smaller, more accessible segments. We also know that video quality is vital when it comes to keeping viewers engaged.

We’ve explored why onboarding video is essential, but what types of videos should you create?

According to Bamboo HR, there are six popular types of videos for companies to use during onboarding. These include:

  • Welcome – Welcome your new hires to the company! It’s time for upper management to shine by demonstrating company culture and putting those first-day jitters at ease.
  • Goals – Set expectations for your new employee.
  • Tech Setup – Video tutorials always save the day when it comes to demonstrating how to use new technology.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Have an exiting employee convey vital information to the new hire.
  • Policies – You would include most human resources information in this type of video.
  • Training –Your new hires will be able to learn and review important job information without taking time away from other employees.

Whether you plan to make one or several onboarding videos, Morton Visuals is here to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services.

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