Why Unity in Corporate Headshots is Important

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Unity in corporate headshots is important, as it reflects on your company’s branding. Morton Visuals can help you create cohesive professional headshots for your entire team. Below are some headshot tips to help you create impact.

Headshot Tips

Looking for corporate headshot tips? Don’t underestimate the importance of unity in corporate headshots. If your business is planning on taking a set of corporate headshots, you may be a little surprised by how many factors there are to consider. From outfits, to backdrops or settings, to photographers, every decision will impact the way your team looks. Ultimately, this have an effect for prospective clients who see the photos.

One of the most important (and most overlooked) corporate headshot tips is to ensure that your entire team is photographed on the same day whenever possible. While this may sound like a bizarre tip, it will mean that your collection of headshots has a unified look. Plus, this unity in corporate headshots will make a huge difference in the quality of your final shots! Of course, it’s not always possible to get everyone on the same day. With vacations, remote work, and other considerations for busy team members, you may have to schedule two rounds of photography. In this case, it is critical to ensure that your photographer can recreate the exact same look even if days or weeks apart.

Headshot Tips #1: A Unified Look Creates an Instant Air of Professionalism

If you want your business to come across as trustworthy and well-established, remember that your headshot gallery matters. When prospective customers look at your employee photos, they will make instant judgements based on the quality of their photos. A high quality photo suggests a high quality professional — and a high quality gallery of photos suggests a high quality team. By unifying all headshots in the same style, you’ll instantly make your team look like a professional, reliable unit. This is one of the most important headshot tips we emphasize.

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Headshot Tips #2: Consistency Yields Better Results

One or Two Low Quality or Old Shots Will Instantly Reduce the Quality of All Headshots. If you’ve scheduled a photoshoot for corporate headshots of your team, make sure everyone is available. If even one employee is unavailable, you may end up with a series of photos that don’t match. Even if you hire the same photographer for another day, each session can have a slightly different look and feel. Remember, if one or two photos don’t match the others, you’ll actually lose the entire effect of the rest of the photos. In fact, the professional headshots will actually look less professional when placed amongst a few low quality shots! So please don’t let someone use that selfie they took in the driver’s seat of their car!

You can see more of our headshot photography on our Headshots in Dallas website. Give us a call, or request a quote. We have a number of options to work with to ensure that we create the best option for you.

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  • William Maxwell

    It’s cool that you elaborate on how professionally taken corporate headshots can help your business appear more reputable to your prospective clients. My friend and I want to start a company this June, so we’re thinking about hiring a professional photographer to take corporate headshots for us. I’m going to see if there’s a good photographer in our area who does corporate headshots.


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