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William Morton shooting product photography at Morton Visuals' Studio J in San Diego
Tabletop product photography

Referred by a fellow Professional Photographers of America (PPA) member John Grow of Sideline Productions, photographer William Morton spent most of the day today photographing a variety of sports memorabilia for Game Used Universe, an online auction website. Almost all of the items were autographed and/or used by a major league player in a game, so the day became a bit of a history lesson as well as a “Who’s who” in sports. The evolution served as a great test for the workflow process of volume product photography, allowing William to use the Nikon D3 tethered but also test the Live View capability of Nikon Capture Control Pro 2 software. This was very effective for positioning the camera overhead on a boom and being able to focus and shoot down on a jersey without being able to look through the camera. Overall the day was a great success, with multiple views of almost 100 items all captured and archived to DVD in a single day.

Morton Visuals product photography of an autographed baseball
Autographed baseball
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William Morton has been a professional photographer since 1991. Now focused on corporate photography, William travels the country providing commercial, corporate, and event photography services.

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