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headshot of professional photographer William Morton
headshot of North Idaho photographer William Morton
Commercial Photographer William Morton

Spokane photographer William Morton, recently relocated from the Dallas metroplex to beautiful North Idaho (overlooking Lake Pend Oreille), brings a vast amount of experience as a new photographer in Spokane. With 30 years of professional photography experience and an MBA degree, William understands what business needs to thrive and grow.

Originally a consumer portrait photographer in Western Washington (while serving in the US Navy), William was transferred to San Diego where he added model portfolio work and talent headshots to his repertoire. Those model portfolio shoots led to yellow pages ads, magazine advertising, and more commercial photography work. From bridal shop advertisements to promotional posters for Glock handguns in a local gun store, William began to get in tune with what works for business.

William spent 5 years training portrait and event photographers for a national franchise, and then reopened his own studio in 2009. Convention photography and photography for conferences, annual meetings and trade shows became about half of Morton Visuals’ business. For the last 13 years Morton Visuals has focused on corporate communications.

Relocating to Texas William began to photograph a lot of professional headshots for everything from company websites to their LinkedIn profile photos. He would often go in to an office of lawyers, bankers, financial advisors or other professionals and photograph the entire office team. This ensured a consistent appearance on company websites. More photography for marketing, both in print and online, became the norm. And even some product photography livened up the mix. Most recently he has begun working with corporate video, finding new ways to promote businesses. As a newer Spokane photographer, he works closely with local businesses, the Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Visit Spokane.

William has developed a keen interest in helping business “get the word out,” in their voice, to their target. Now he’s looking forward to continuing that and becoming the best photographer in Spokane.

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Spokane Advertising Photographer

Most businesses need to advertise and to market themselves. Quite often the first thing a potential customer sees is the company’s website. As we all know, we live in a highly visual society. The images customers see, as well as the quality of the website, is often what drives a customer to try doing business with your company. Morton Visuals specializes in creating that photography (and video) that attracts people’s interest.

Spokane Headshot Photographer

bright clean headshot of Grace Speese Executive Director of the Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce

Professionals such as financial advisors, realtors, insurance agents, sales people and similar careers often do business based on who they are, and the great service that they provide. If a customer is going to be investing money in a transaction then they need to trust the person with whom they are doing business. A strong headshot showing confidence and approachability is certainly the first step. William has been shooting headshots for over 20 years, and knows how to make you look your best. He’s now offering headshots in Spokane.

Headshots in Spokane – For Your Entire Team

Morton Visuals can offer those same professional headshots in Spokane for your office staff. The ability to showcase your entire team with a consistent style, and in an efficient manner, is becoming a specialty in itself. This becomes highly beneficial when your website shows all of your team members on an About Us page. Customers love to know with whom they are talking or interacting. Read about how Spokane photographer William Morton and Morton Visuals can come in to the convenience of your own offices and, with very minimal impact to your staff’s valuable time, photograph your office team.

Corporate Lifestyle Photography

corporate meeting lifestyle photography

Beyond your headshot, which is very important for those personal relationships upon which many salespeople rely, it is helpful to show your business lifestyle. Showing people working with their team, in their office, gives the customer a vision of what it will be like to work with you. This is particularly beneficial when a company has a team to take care of each customer. Lifestyle photography can help build trust. It can also reinforce a company’s brand. See our blog article titled Does Your Image Represent Your Company Culture. Spokane photographer William Morton will help you align your image with your brand.

Our trade organization, the American Society of Media Photographers, has produced a great PDF document on How to Work with an Assignment Photographer. The tips it contains are quite helpful for any company not yet experienced in working with professional photographers. Morton Visuals prefers to think of each project as a collaboration designed to meet your goals, and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Video Marketing in Spokane

The Internet has really seen a surge of video in recent years. Google loves video, and frequently ranks pages with video content higher than those with only text information. Because of this it is important to include video for your marketing. Social media users are twice as likely to share video with friends and family than any other type of content.

Here are a few ways that you can use video in your Spokane business:

  • Commercials – you no longer need to purchase expensive TV ads.
  • Customer testimonials – let your happy customers advertise for you.
  • Educational content (Demos) – don’t just show people a sale, show them how they can use it.
  • Company training – keep your HR happy and your training consistent by having new hires learn from the same lesson.

See more in our blog articles on Video for Business: What Kinds Can You Use and How to Achieve Brand Storytelling with Videos. And talk with Spokane photographer William Morton to see how Morton Visuals can help you tell your story.

Event Photographer – Conventions and Conferences

Visit Spokane convention and visitors bureau member
Visit Spokane

Spokane photographer William Morton has covered conferences and conventions since 2004. About ½ of our work since 2009 has been professional event photography. We have covered everything from smaller company training sessions to several conventions and conferences with 15,000 attendees. You’ll see some examples in our Spokane Convention Photographer portfolio. You can also see some of the extensive list of event locations across the country where we have worked, many of which we have worked multiple times.

We travel nationwide, and are able to commit to a set rate when contracting for conventions and conferences over multiple years. This means a company doesn’t have to keep looking for a new photographer each time they have an event in a different city. We’ve probably already worked there, and we can provide consistency in your images from year to year.

A new value-added benefit which Morton Visuals has been able to provide (even when an organization has already secured an event photographer) is offering conference headshots for attendees. Guests can get an updated professional headshot, including basic retouching, delivered directly to them after the event. The event organizer doesn’t have to worry about distribution or follow-through — Morton Visuals takes are of all of that. All we need is space to set up a mini photo studio, and time slots in the schedule where attendees can stop in to get a new headshot for the LinkedIn or social media use.

Another service Morton Visuals is able to offer is printing on-site, allowing guests to take home portraits of themselves printed on the spot. Often a sponsor underwrites this service. Because of this their logo can be added to the event name that is printed directly on the photo, providing them with ongoing advertising long after the event ends. Just another way Spokane photographer William Morton helps with marketing!