Spokane Commercial Photography

commercial advertising photography by Morton Visuals lifestyle photography of models with jewelry

If you are looking for a company that can capture the essence of your Spokane-based brand through marketing, then Morton Visuals – with a 14+ year track record – is a great choice for Spokane commercial photography. Advertising and marketing facilitate business sales by promoting products and services, and Morton Visuals excels at doing that easily and affordably.

With our professional photography and video, Morton Visuals helps you market your business, services, and products. We bring Spokane commercial photography to you and your business.

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Spokane Advertising Photography

It is common knowledge that people think of commercial photography when they hear the phrase “marketing” or “advertising.” Use of this type of photography tells customers what you sell. Print advertising, social media marketing, billboards, etc. can all be used to market your products.  

Create an appealing advertising campaign with Morton Visuals. Ensure your business’s images are of high quality if they are used for product or service images. When advertisements have images, they will be more noticeable.

Having been in business for 30 years and specializing in advertising for 12 years, we provide Spokane commercial photography services that are centered on creativity and expertise.

Spokane commercial photography by Morton Visuals lifestyle photography of models with jewelry
Commercial lifestyle photography for a jewelry company

Advertising photography serves a wide range of purposes, including:

·  magazines and print publications

·  social media posts

·  product photography

·  company websites and e-Commerce websites

To facilitate the use of these photographs for multiple purposes, it is crucial to hire an expert photographer. 

Choose a commercial photographer with experience.

Key Benefits of Morton Visuals’ Advertising Photography

Businesses and organizations utilize photographs to increase revenue. A primary purpose of marketing is to promote a product or service. This is the specific purpose of commercial photography.

In B2C marketing, graphics and images are heavily utilized to build connections with the public. It may not occur to us how frequently we come across them, but we do. 

Morton Visuals makes your company’s product and service more appealing to customers and prospects by capturing it creatively.

In other words, Morton aims to communicate a positive message through images, without simply creating clear images. Take a look at how you present your business image and consider making an emotional connection with your customers.

Spokane Marketing Photography

Aerial view of a luxury car with charter airplanes photographed on the tarmac at sunrise
Luxury transportation – car and airplanes

Marketing is not just the act of presenting your product; it is the research and strategy of deciding to whom you will present your product—and how.

In short, marketing identifies the need, while advertising convinces people to act.

A good marketing photographer knows:

  • how to appeal to different demographics
  • the requirements of each media outlet
  • how to make consumers fall in love with a company and not just a product

William Morton has provided commercial photography services in cities nationwide. Some of these include San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Dallas in particular, but have also included Orlando, Nashville, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Sacramento.

Accolades include “a photographer who cares,” “strong work ethic,” “great collaborator,” and “simply amazing.” But don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to check our references and get a feel for what it’s like to work with this Spokane commercial photographer.

Morton Visuals specializes in the following types of commercial photography:

corporate lifestyle photography of CEO meeting with team members in the conference room
Corporate lifestyle photography

Corporate Lifestyle Photography

With a strategic lifestyle photo, you can quickly augment how your company, product, and even how you are perceived by your target audiences. Corporate marketing is increasingly using these images.

Senior VP and Regional Manager Bob Jondall discusses commercial banking with a client in San Diego
Bank’s annual report

Annual Report Photography

A juxtaposition of a corporate lifestyle photo shoot with an annual report photo shoot will make your life easier. Annual reports typically include candid images that capture the value provided by your company to the shareholders. To demonstrate the strengths of your company, there is no better way than to showcase your employees and the value that they contribute. And showing them in their environment can help reinforce the value of what they do, and how much they contribute to your company’s success. Although printed annual reports may be less common today, they are often presented online and incorporated in to the company’s website – so they are invaluable to your company’s marketing.

business portrait of executive behind his desk
CEO in the office

Executive Portraits

The photographer who takes your professional headshot should know how to take pictures that are unique and showcase you to your full potential. Whether it’s a formal portrait for a press release or a casual portrait, we know how to make you look good!

Visit our Professional Headshots page to see more of our work.

bar cocktail product photography
Product photography

Product Photography

In order to ensure the success of a marketing campaign, it is important to capture product photography that is of impeccable quality. With the right equipment and the perfect photographer, it becomes easier to demonstrate the best characteristics and features of your product. Needless to say, a good photographer is one who can create images of many different kinds of products. 

We can do this remotely or at your location, showing your products in use in their environment. From our experience this has a much stronger impact than a “widget on white” image typically seen in e-Commerce.

David TS Wood on stage in heart shaped sunglasses in Las Vegas
Executive entertains the crowd

Corporate Event Photography

A proud member of Visit Spokane, Morton Visuals truly values the opportunity to photograph events where there are staff, clients, and presenters, all of whom are happy and enjoying the programs. This type of photography serves the purpose of both documentation and advertising.

Moreover, the most honest way in which you can portray your brand is through pictures clicked during conferences, conventions, and annual meetings. Consumers are then presented with an opportunity to take a closer look at your brand. 

Business Promotions

If you want your business to stand out from your competition, a good photographer is of utmost importance. In order to facilitate effective marketing, employ as many of the photography options listed above as possible.

We specialize in Spokane commercial photography! You can learn more about our services by getting in touch with us.