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Conference Registration at the Spokane Convention Center

Conference Photography and Event Headshots in Seattle

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William Morton launched his photography career on nearby Whidbey Island in 1991. After a number of years in San Diego, Morton Visuals began focusing on corporate photography in 2009. Morton Visuals has specialized in convention photography and photography for conferences and annual meetings for the last 14+ years. Now based in the inland northwest, we are able to serve Seattle and Spokane Washington. We aim to offer not just Seattle convention photography but to be the best Seattle conference photographer in the Pacific Northwest!

  All images Copyright William Morton.

We are available to service many Seattle locations, including the Seattle Convention Center Arch and the new Seattle Convention Center Summit. We can also handle events at Seattle conference hotels such as:

  • Hyatt Regency Seattle
  • TBD Property
  • Sheraton Grand Seattle
  • The Westin Seattle
  • Grand Hyatt Seattle
  • Fairmont Olympic Hotel
  • Hyatt at Olive 8
  • W Seattle
  • Lotte Hotel Seattle
  • Hilton Motif Seattle
  • Renaissance Seattle Hotel
  • Seattle Airport Marriott
  • The Edgewater Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Seattle – Downtown
  • …and many more!

 Our team is committed to professionalism, and we specialize in corporate photography. Therefore, we are extremely familiar with how specific photos can benefit a campaign, brand, or company. The fact that we have 30 years of professional photography experience, redundant (top-of-the-line) equipment, and the confidence to describe ourselves as experts makes us the right choice to handle your Seattle convention photography.

Every year we photograph events for several repeat clients. William knows VIPs and key personnel, and more importantly how the event flows. This allows clients to keep consistency in their messaging from year to year.

Morton Visuals specializes in the capture of key moments. As an expert at blending into the background, we can take pictures discreetly — or participate in the festivities, encouraging guests to get into the spirit.

Over the past couple of years we’ve been increasingly asked to provide professional headshots at conferences, even when an organization has their own in-house photo & video team. Our expertise in event headshots allows an in-house media team to focus on what they know best.

Our team has covered very large (15,000 attendee) conventions as well as academic and medical conferences. Additionally, we have covered trade shows and organizations. Cvent, the global leader in event management, has written an article that explains the differences between conventions, conferences and trade shows. We love to provide not only Seattle convention photography but also Seattle conference photography.

Seattle Convention Photography Services

Morton Visuals offers three primary services (and one bonus service) for conferences and conventions:

Documentary Coverage

Our event coverage includes breakout sessions, trade shows and exhibits, sponsorship/attendee engagement, speakers and presenters, and more. A slideshow at the top of the page shows examples of convention photography and conference photography used for social media during and after the event. Of course our images are also used extensively for marketing next year’s event.

Seattle convention photography often includes conference registration at the Convention Center


professional event headshots at a conference
Conference Headshots

Seattle Conference Headshots

As a value-added service for attendees, we are often hired to provide event headshots if we are not providing extensive documentary coverage. A professional headshot station offers so much more value than a “selfie” photo booth! And that value is not overlooked by attendees eager to update their company bio page, or their LinkedIn profile. A new blog article explains how to offer headshots at your event. (Tip: offer it to event sponsors as an additional promotion opportunity!)

Video Interviews and Testimonials

As part of Morton Visuals’ new services, we can record short interviews with your organization’s key players and capture testimonials from your guests on why your event was so valuable to them. These clips can serve as a great highlight reel at the end of your event, and they can also be used to promote next year’s event and provide social media content.

Bonus Service: Trade Show Booth Photography

Panasonic trade show booth interview stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center
Panasonic trade show booth

Furthermore, we can also provide professional exhibit photography to showcase sponsors’ and vendors’ (often very expensive) displays. Organizers don’t have to pay for this since vendors hire us directly. They simply have to let their exhibitors know that it’s an option (depending on the photographer’s event schedule.) This is often a value-added benefit for event organizers, and doesn’t conflict with Seattle convention photography.


Event Photography by Morton Visuals: Key Benefits

conference attendees at the Spokane convention center
  • Experienced
  • Nationwide Service
  • Multi-year Contracts
  • Social Media
  • Professional Headshots
  • Group Portraits
  • Quality Images
  • Efficient Delivery
  • Cost Effective

As well as capturing your major events, we use photography to market your organization or company all year round. 

An annual meeting or conference is a great opportunity to capture updated team photos for use on sites, advertising materials, or social media content. You will be surprised at what you can do with just one event! Our customers return year after year because of this.

Experienced with Many Venues

Below you can find an overview of some of the many venues and cities where we have conducted convention photography or conference photography in the recent past. Here are some highlights:

  • Spokane Convention Center  
  • San Diego Convention Center  
  • Anaheim Convention Center  
  • Los Angeles Convention Center  
  • Sacramento Convention Center
  • Palm Springs Convention Center  
  • Las Vegas Convention Center  
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (Dallas)  
  • Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center (San Antonio)
  • George R. Brown Convention Center (Houston)
  • Nashville Music Center  

 indicates that we’ve worked at the venue multiple times

Our team has travelled extensively and worked in many different settings. There’s a good chance we know someone at the very venue where you’re planning to hold your event, or at least have familiarity with the venue’s layout and flow.

Event Photography References

Read some of Morton Visuals’ past customers’ testimonials and recommendations here. Among our favorites are these:

  • He was very easy to work with, was on time for all sessions and delivered the photos when promised.”
  • …reliable, professional and very consistent in a variety of photographic situations.
  • Most important is his integrity – he does what he says he is going to do.”
  • He has a unique ability to capture just the right moment.

A page of recommendations & testimonials can be viewed here.


Seattle Convention Photography

event photography of the Isagenix convention stage in the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville
Isagenix’s massive stage and light show
lead singer in front of a convention audience

In general, conventions are large events with members representing various companies and groups. Trade and business activities are often the main focus. Trade shows and exhibit halls are sometimes part of conventions where sponsors display their latest products and services.

Apart from on-site events, conventions may also include off-site activities that take advantage of a region’s attractions. There are many options for activities after hours. Companies typically invest a large amount to be showcased at a convention.

Attendance numbers are usually easy to calculate, and that number is often inflated by marketing materials from previous years’ events. We ensure the highest level of participation from both sponsors and attendees when you choose Morton Visuals for your convention photography.

Capturing Speakers on Stage

event photography of keynote speaker Les Brown speaking at the San Diego Convention Center

Conferences and conventions typically feature speakers. Organization members are sometimes invited to speak. The keynotes are typically delivered by an outside speaker to reinforce company or organization values. Photographs of these speakers should be flattering. Most event planners spend a great deal of money on those high-paying speakers.

event photography of CAI keynote speaker Terry Watson on stage at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront

VIPs are prominently pictured at convention photos, which is extremely helpful to promote the events that follow.

Whether they are celebrities or top executives, Morton Visuals has always focused on these key people. Williams’ timing is excellent; he captures every smile and focused expression. Photographing events from every angle, including backstage, offers a range of images for promotional use as well as social media.

Engagement and Interaction in Seattle Convention Photography

handshakes all around illustrate conference networking and engagement
Networking and engagement

During the planning process, meeting planners usually have a few primary objectives. Among them are educational and inspirational presentations, engagement, interaction, and promotion. Attendees receive significant benefits as a result.

Trade shows and exhibit halls can be used by sponsors as an opportunity to promote their products or services. Attendees are usually delighted to engage with representatives from show sponsors. This is true regardless of whether the organization is an academic institution or an MLM company. Morton Visuals offers convention photography that captures the interaction among attendees. For instance, consider this handshake between a vendor and a (potential) customer.

Planning teams love showing sponsors how engaged their attendees were with them!

Seattle Conference Photography

SACSCOC conference stage in Houston
event photography captures Tsu Wei Chou's presentation for ASME at San Diego's Manchester Grand Hyatt

Education and information exchange are typically the focus of conferences. Organizations in the academic, medical, and trade sectors often hold these events. The meetings are usually geared more toward presentations and a bit smaller than conventions. It is possible to plan a variety of activities, like keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and large general sessions. 

It is common for conference budgets to be smaller, since sponsors are less likely to invest in an event for the chance to market their products. You’re in the right place – with our event photography packages, there should be something that fits your needs.

If you want sponsors and potential attendees to be interested in your event, conference photography is of great importance. Highlight the experiences, learning, and networking attendees will enjoy at your event.

Helpful Tips for Convention Photography at Your Seattle Event

Our blog contains plenty of helpful articles to help you plan a successful event. These may be of interest to you:

Additionally, you should work with the Visitors and Convention Bureau of the city you are visiting. These services can provide you with knowledgeable professionals who can assist you in all aspects of your event. It is a pleasure to work with Visit Dallas!

Do you have an event coming up that could benefit from corporate event photography? Do you have a Request for Proposal (RFP) for event photography? Contact us to see how we can help you!