As a member of the Coronado Chamber of Commerce, Morton Visuals provides professional San Diego headshots. We provide on-site headshot photography services at your office, conference, or other location, so you do not have to travel to the studio. Taking office staff photos with this method is particularly cost-effective (and time-efficient). With our on-location service, we set up in meeting rooms or training rooms to photograph San Diego headshots for law offices, real estate offices, offices of financial advisors, insurance agencies, and banks among others.

Our work is efficient, we offer quantity discounts, and we minimize the time your team spends on updating their headshots. (Save the drive time and time away from billable hours. Let us bring the photo shoot to you!)

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Why Do I Need Professional Headshots in San Diego?

Morton Visuals specializes in making you look your best so that you can make an impression on potential clients and customers. Whether you need a professional headshot for LinkedIn or a marketing portrait, we can meet your needs.

William Morton has been specializing in the corporate photography industry for over twelve years, and with thirty years of professional experience, he is ready to serve you. As a marketing and branding expert, our team knows how to help you create a strong image. We understand the need to appeal to different demographics and outlets.

It doesn’t matter if it’s lifestyle shots or formal executive photos, our San Diego headshots are professional quality. In one session, we will travel to your location so we can take a variety of photos for both your staff and yourself. You can focus on what you’re good at while we take care of the rest.

Who needs a professional San Diego headshot?

Business people who interact with customers need a professional headshot. Ultimately, professional headshot photography is about portraying you (and your business) in the best light.

You should show consumers that you are willing to invest in your business if you want them to choose you. An image of a professional headshot attracts fourteen times as many views on LinkedIn as a selfie or a low-quality picture. Hence the need for Morton Visuals’ San Diego headshots.

Studio vs On Location Headshots

Morton Visuals photographing on-location headshots in Dallas
Morton Visuals shooting headshots in the client’s conference room

Most studio headshots appear on a professional social media profile. Usually, home-based business owners and salespeople request them since they are the easiest, quickest, and most affordable.

It may be difficult for a successful person to prioritize a studio portrait shoot during business hours due to their busy schedules, or they may lack the time to travel to a studio during business hours. 

You can count on Morton Visuals to bring the top-notch photography equipment to your location and photograph you in your environment, whether you need a LinkedIn profile picture or a professional business portrait for your About Us page. You can leave the phone for the session and get back on right away since people are usually more relaxed in a familiar environment. It’s easier to exude charisma in a familiar environment.

professional San Diego headshots of a financial services team at their offices
Environmental headshots on location

As an alternative to a studio session, you can have your entire team photographed on-site. Here are a few advantages:

  • Because everyone is in the room at the same time, there is no issue with scheduling.
  • The website designer, printer, etc. can receive the images once they are completed.
  • Image consistency reflects the cohesiveness and professionalism of a company’s team.

By bringing a mobile studio to the location of the client, Morton Visuals offers onsite headshot photography. 

Resuming billing hours faster can save substantial amounts of money in some fields.With this method of headshot photography, they are only disturbed for a few minutes.

What is the best way to organize San Diego headshots for your team?

location photography setup in corporate training room
Training room setup

We typically hold the event in the conference room of the company or a multipurpose room in the company. We can take many headshots simultaneously in this way. This has the added benefit of providing consistency on your team website’s bio pages.

A trade show, conference, or convention can provide these services. During these events, attendees, board members, and key personnel can be identified.

 Since a number of employees working remotely are not in one place at one time, conferences and conventions enable organizations to connect.

Additionally, you can have employee photos taken in their natural environments. That is a great option if you require both lifestyle and headshot photos.

Read more about San Diego headshots for your office staff. Or learn more about our headshots in San Diego.