San Diego Commercial Photography

editorial photography of fitness model Lori Harder photographed by Morton Visuals

Morton Visuals has been specializing in San Diego commercial photography (in particular, advertising photography and marketing photography) since 2009. If you are a business owner in San Diego looking for a company that can capture the essence of your brand, Morton Visuals is your solution. In essence, the goal of marketing and advertising is to assist a business in selling its goods or services. Morton Visuals is the perfect company to assist with marketing and promoting your business, products, and services with professional photography and video.

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Benefits of Morton Visuals’ Commercial Photography

Businesses and organizations use commercial photography to increase revenue. Utilizing images to assist with the sale or promotion of a product or service accomplishes this. In essence, this is what business marketing is all about.

Business-to-consumer marketers rely heavily on images and graphics to connect with the public, even though we may not think about how often we expose ourselves to visual content. 

By capturing their products and services in a visual way, Morton Visuals has helped businesses nationwide become more desirable. We specialize in marketing photography and advertising photography, the underlying uses of San Diego commercial photography.

Creating a clear image is not enough for Morton; the image must present a positive message to the world. You need to think about how to utilize that image to attract customers and clients to your business.

San Diego Advertising Photography

Consumers learn about your product through advertising. When you hear “advertising” or “marketing,” you’re thinking of this type of commercial photography. You’ve established a company and need to market your products via print ads, advertisements on social media, billboards, etc.  

The advertising campaign you are planning can be made professional, cohesive, and persuasive with the help of Morton Visuals. An advertisement won’t even be noticed unless it’s coupled with an image. If you have images of your products or services, you want to make sure that they are representative of your company and of high quality.

We bring creativity and invaluable insight to your San Diego commercial photography campaign, with 30 years of experience including over 12 years of specializing in advertising photography.

lifestyle advertising shoot of a commercial print model with jewelry
Professional model showcases custom jewelry

Among the uses of advertising photography are:

  • magazines and print publications
  • social media posts
  • product photography
  • company websites and e-Commerce websites

While each of these outlets has its own goals, a good advertising photographer can capture images that are suitable for different uses during a single photo shoot.

Choose a commercial photographer with experience.

For three decades, William Morton has offered San Diego commercial photography services in cities around the country. Some of these cities include San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, as well as Orlando, Nashville, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

Among the types of commercial photography that Morton Visuals specializes in are:

corporate lifestyle
Corporate lifestyle

Lifestyle Photography

Corporate marketing is embracing lifestyle photography. Your products, your company, and you shine with these types of images.

It’s not enough to say you have confidence; you must demonstrate it. You can share a picture of yourself presenting, meeting with a client, or working in your office to give clients a sense of what they will experience if they decide to work with you.

Senior VP and Regional Manager Bob Jondall discusses commercial banking with a client in San Diego
First Bank annual report

Annual Report Photography

It is possible to combine a corporate lifestyle photo session with an annual report photography session, even though annual reports are not as prominent as they once were. Showcase your company at its best by highlighting the people and their value. In order to demonstrate the value in which shareholders have invested, annual report photography usually includes a few candid photos of the company in action.

CEO casual pose in her office
CEO portrait

Executive Portraits

Your headshots should be taken by a photographer knowledgeable about how to create unique, professional photos that truly represent your personality. Although we can create a traditional, formal portrait — we’ve found that contemporary clients prefer a more relaxed, casual image. That “human appeal” presents the executive as confident, friendly and approachable.

product photography of medical device headgear
Medical products

Product Photography

An advertising or marketing campaign that succeeds requires high-quality product photography. In order to highlight your product’s best features accurately, you need an experienced photographer with all the right equipment. Furthermore, the right photographer will have a deep understanding of different types of product photography.

event photography of Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter shaking hands with VIP guests at the APA conference at the San Diego Convention Center
Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter greets VIPs in San Diego

Corporate Event Photography

Events are fun spaces, so Morton Visuals is sure to get happy photos of staff, clients, and presenters. Photos can be used for documentation, social media content, and advertising.

A candid photo during a conference, convention, or annual meeting is an excellent way to tell the story of your brand. Consumers will get a better sense of your personality and not just what your business does.

The San Diego Tourism Authority works closely with companies and organizations coming in to San Diego for their annual meeting, conference or convention – and fully support their work and their mission. See some of our San Diego convention photography.

Business Promotions

Aerial view of a luxury car with charter airplanes photographed at sunrise on the tarmac of the Long Beach airport
Luxury transportation – car and airplanes

You can promote your business through all of the above photography sessions. However, it is important to have the best photographer at your disposal in order to stay ahead of the competition. When you need San Diego commercial photography, reach out to Morton Visuals to learn how we can help you.

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