Conventions, Conferences and Annual Meetings

Morton Visuals has been providing event photography for business conferences, annual meetings and large-scale conventions for over 12 years. And many of our clients have booked us as their event photographer year after year. This is because we excel at capturing those key moments. We ensure that guests enjoy the experience. We can capture images discretely or mix in with the festivities to encourage the fun.

We’ve covered academic conferences and medical conferences, and worked with trade organizations and trade shows. To learn more about the differences between conventions, conferences and trade shows, check out the article from industry-leading Cvent.  

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Key Benefits of Morton Visuals’ Event Photography

Experienced — Morton Visuals has been covering events since 2004, and made convention photography and conference photography a core specialty in 2009. So we bring over 12 years of experience to covering your event.

Nationwide Service — We’ve covered venues all over the country, in many major cities. See a listing below.

Multi-year Contracts — We are able to lock in pricing and contract for multiple years, even as your event moves to different cities. This allows you consistency in pricing, budget, and the quality of event photography that you use to market each successive year.

Social Media — Morton Visuals has several options for providing near real-time images for your immediate social media use, keeping not only your attendees “in the moment,” but serving your members who are attending virtually. We can provide select images of highlights throughout the day, or a “daily summary” of highlights at the end of the day for an opening slideshow the next morning.

Quality Images — All final images delivered are adjusted for optimal exposure, color, and cropping. We weed out the blinks, any unflattering “caught you in mid sentence” images, etc. We plan for images that can be used in your marketing. Some images will have different orientations, extra space to allow text placement, a variety of angles, and more.

Efficient Delivery — Although our total turnaround time will vary based on the numbers of days/hours we photograph, we will meet your deadlines. Final images are delivered on a large USB thumb drive or hard drive, depending on the total number of full-resolution images. We can also deliver more quickly via online services such as Dropbox.

Cost Effective — We understand that we typically fall under a marketing budget, and we do everything we can to work within your budget. We don’t expect (nor want) to be the cheapest event photographer you’ll find. So we make sure that we deliver images that are used not only to recap your major event, but to market your company or organization throughout the year. That’s why so many companies book us year after year.

Venues We’ve Worked

See a listing of some of the many event venues and cities in which we have provided convention photography or conference photography over the last few years.

Event Photography References

Review some testimonials and recommendations for Morton Visuals from our past event photography clients.

Convention Photography

event photography of the Isagenix convention stage in the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville
Isagenix’s massive stage and light show
lead singer in front of a convention audience

Conventions tend to be larger events with member attendees who represent different companies or groups, often focused on building business and trade. They frequently include trade shows or exhibit halls with sponsors showcasing their latest products or services, which is usually a major part of the agenda. They also tend to include a wider array of events, including off-site events that take advantage of the local attractions. After hours activities are usually plentiful. Attendance can usually be more easily projected in preparations — and often is boosted by the great marketing images of the previous year’s event. Sponsors typically contribute huge sums for the opportunity to be showcased.

Capturing Speakers on Stage

event photography of keynote speaker Les Brown speaking at the San Diego Convention Center

Most every convention or conference has featured speakers. Sometimes they are members of the organization. Often they are outside speakers delivering a keynote to reinforce something the company or organization wants to promote. Capturing good, flattering images of these people is critical — especially those highly paid speakers in whom the event planners have invested a lot of money. Photography for conventions usually highlights these VIPs.

Morton Visuals always focuses on these key people, whether they are celebrities or the head of the company. William’s timing has become well-tuned, capturing those smiles or intense expressions throughout. Shooting event photography from all angles – even from backstage sometimes – provides a wide variety of images. This allows the client to use them not only in social media but also in various follow-up images after the event, and to market next year’s event. 

Engagement and Interaction in Convention Photography

event photography of a handshake between a vendor and a convention attendee

Meeting planners seem to have one (or more) of a few primary goals when they plan an event. They want presentations (which could be education or training), engagement and interaction, and promotion. All of this translates to value for attendees.

Sponsors want the opportunity to promote, which is usually centered on an accompanying trade show or exhibit hall. They really love to see their representatives engaging with attendees. We’ve seen this with everything from academic organizations to MLM companies. Morton Visuals loves to capture that interaction in convention photography, such as this handshake between a vendor and a (potential) customer. And meeting planners love to be able to show sponsors that attendees were engaging with them!

Conference Photography

event photography captures Tsu-Wei Chou's presentation for ASME at San Diego's Manchester Grand Hyatt

Conferences usually focus on education and exchange of information. These are popular with academic organizations, medical organizations, and many trade organizations. Usually smaller than conventions, they usually have more presentation-oriented activities. These can include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking, and large general sessions designed to inform and educate. Budgets are often smaller for conferences, as you may not have as many sponsors investing in the expense (for the opportunity to market their wares).

Helpful Tips for Event Photography

We regularly post helpful articles in our blog to support your event’s success. Here are a few you may appreciate:

We also recommend working with the Visitors and Convention Bureaus in your destination city. They often have a listing of experienced professionals that can help you in all aspects of your event. We love the teams at Visit Dallas and Visit San Diego.

Do you have an event coming up that could benefit from corporate event photography?? Do you have a Request for Proposal (RFP) for event photography? Contact us to see how we can help you!