Videos for Special Events

Morton Visuals has recently started producing promotional videos. Now proving to be much more valuable to Google, adding video to your company website is quickly becoming necessary. We can help you expand not only your online presence but also your social media visibility with video for business.

How Can a Promotional Video Help Business?

We posted a helpful blog article about using video for business. Some of the key uses listed include:

on location video setup for online commercial
  • Commercial videos – yes, just like you see on TV!
  • Customer testimonials are incredibly powerful referrals.
  • Promotional videos can be seasonal or related to a specific event (like a Labor Day sale).
  • Educational content is becoming very popular. Don’t just show a product, but show people how they can use it and make their life better.
  • Company training is a new trend, reducing the workload on HR – and ensuring consistency in training.
  • Webinars have become the norm over the last year.
  • Live-streaming presents the opportunity for real-time engagement.

Think of promotional video in particular to be much more time-sensitive than other video possibilities. Whereas a commercial video may live on your website for a long time, a promotional video tends to be published and advertised heavily for a short period of time. As such it needs to be much more attention-grabbing, and typically much shorter than other videos.

See a few of our newest videos in our Video Portfolio and in our YouTube channel.

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