Customer Referrals Are The Most Valuable

Morton Visuals has recently started producing customer testimonial videos. Now proving to be much more valuable to Google, adding video to your company website is quickly becoming not only important but necessary. We know that a customer referral is the best type of advertising. We can help you expand not only your online presence but also your social media visibility with video for business.

In a recent blog article we described how customer testimonial videos can increase the returns on your marketing. Customer testimonials are views as a more trustworthy source. And word-of-mouth recommendations carry a lot more weight in consumers’ buying decisions.

Morton Visuals can set up at your location to record several of your recent customers describing their (great) experience with you. Once recorded, these can be edited in to several versions.

  • We can create short clips that work well in social media channels. Each one can be trickled out over time, providing not just a single ad or endorsement but a continual stream. Frequency greatly improves the effectiveness of advertising, particularly in social media. And video clips provide that additional social media content that makes your business look more active.
  • A full version can sit on your website, with several customers singing your praises. Over time this will be visible to more and more potential customers.

Google has demonstrated a great love for video, as it is more and more favored by online viewers. And YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. It’s no wonder that video for business is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Consider the power of a customer testimonial for your marketing.

See a few of our newest videos in our Video Portfolio and in our YouTube channel.

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