Conventions, Conferences, and Annual Meetings

William Morton started photographing events in 2004, but started to specialize in corporate communications in 2009. About half of Morton Visuals’ work over the last 10+ years has been a variety of convention photography and photography for conferences and annual meetings. William is able to move all around a convention or conference floor to capture many different angles and views. His clients love the variety of images that he can produce each day.

Capturing Speakers on Stage

Most every convention or conference has featured speakers. Sometimes they are members of the organization. Often they are outside speakers delivering a keynote to reinforce something the company or organization wants to promote. Capturing good, flattering images of these people is critical — especially those highly paid speakers in whom the event planners have invested a lot of money. Photography for conventions usually highlights these VIPs.

event photography of keynote speaker Les Brown speaking at the San Diego Convention Center

Morton Visuals always focuses on these key people, whether they are celebrities or the head of the company. William’s timing has become well-tuned, capturing those smiles or intense expressions throughout. Shooting event photography from all angles – even from backstage sometimes – provides a wide variety of images. This allows the client to use them not only in social media but also in various follow-up images after the event, and to market next year’s event.

Engagement and Interaction in Convention Photography

event photography of a handshake between a vendor and a convention attendee

Meeting planners seem to have one (or more) of a few primary goals when they plan an event. They want presentations (which could be education or training), engagement and interaction, and promotion. Sponsors want the latter, which is usually centered on an accompanying trade show or exhibit hall. But the company or organization wants to concentrate on putting a message (or messages) out, and engaging the audience. We’ve seen this with everything from academic organizations to MLM companies. Morton Visuals loves to capture that interaction in convention photography. And meeting planners love to be able to show sponsors that attendees were engaging with them.

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