Business Headshots and Social Media Headshots

Business headshots are most often created when a company needs their entire team (or all office staff) photographed for representation on the company website. Social media headshots are more individual, like each person’s LinkedIn profile photo. A business headshot normally needs to reflect a company style. Financial advisors, for example, are much more formal than car salesmen. As a professional headshot photographer we often need to match previous headshots when we photograph new team members. This allows a company to maintain some consistency and uniformity on their website, even with different offices around the country. You’ll see a few examples below, and more in our full portfolio.

Studio vs On Location Headshots

The studio headshot is the most typical image we see on someone’s social media profile. This is usually requested by home based business people, or those who work out of the office (i.e. sales people). These are usually the quickest and easiest portrait for one to get, and thus are the most economical.

Morton Visuals photographing on-location headshots

However, there are many times when a person’s time is limited, or their schedule doesn’t allow them to drive to a studio. Sometimes a business wants their entire team photographed for a consistent look. Because of this Morton Visuals goes on location, and brings a headshot photographer with a mobile studio to the convenience of the company’s offices.

business headshots of the entire team

On location headshots or business portraits greatly minimize the time requirements for the busy professional, or for all members of the team. In some professions a quick return to billable hours saves more money than the cost of photography. We set up in a company conference room and photograph many people’s headshots in succession. This interrupts their work for only the bare minimum time. We have done this for small real estate offices with only 4 people and banks with 27 customer service representatives. We have even offered this service at trade shows.

Business Headshots vs Business Portraits

Whereas the standard headshot is a head and shoulders portrait, or even a tight face shot cropped square to allow for social media’s circular crop, a business portrait allows much more. An experienced headshot photographer can offer you both options.

business portrait of executive behind his desk

A business portrait is sometimes referred to as an environmental portrait, since it is almost always an image of a person in their environment. We often show the executive behind his or her desk, in front of the offices, or perhaps in a conference room. Much depends on the decor of the office and the particular message they would like to send. Unlike an entry-level worker who may work from a cubicle and not have their own office, an executive usually takes great pride in their office setting. We like to capitalize on that, and add that “little bit extra” to a traditional portrait.

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