The Importance of Quality Staff Headshots

professional business headshots of the office team at their bank headquarters

Your Team is the Face of Your Business

One thing that Morton Visuals does extremely well is photographing staff headshots of an entire office team. Your company headshots are often a customer’s first impression of your business. We’ve produced professional headshots for law offices in San Diego, healthcare offices in Dallas, and numerous conventions and conferences nationwide. This provides numerous benefits for a company, not the least of which is helping to build trust with your clients. Consistency helps build and reinforce your business brand. It also greatly improves the aesthetic of your company website when you have a uniform look to all of your office staff. Professional company headshots done with efficiency also greatly reduces any impact on your team’s productivity, as they minimize the amount of time anyone in the office is away from their work. More importantly in some cases, this saves valuable billable hours!

bank team headshots on location

Staff Headshots – The Process

How Morton Visuals Creates Company Headshots

Morton Visuals does many things to make your team headshots easier, and more cost efficient.

    Morton Visuals reviews company headshots with a client on location
    Reviewing headshots
  • We bring a studio to the convenience of your offices. Your team doesn’t have to take time out of their day to commute to a studio.
  • We schedule your team members at set intervals, so that they can plan for a brief interruption to their normal routine. A 10-minute time-frame has worked best for us.
  • We shoot directly to a laptop computer, allowing your team members to see their images as they are captured. If there is something they don’t like — like their hair, the way their clothing is laying, etc. — we can fix it and continue.
  • We can even bring a stylist if desired, to powder and fix those stray hairs and make everyone look their best.
  • Each person photographed reviews their images on the spot, selecting their favorite. This ensures that each person has a headshot with which they are happy before they get back to work.
  • We always include basic retouching on every selected image.

Why We Offer Group Headshots

Group headshots are designed to provide consistency, efficiency, convenience, and (most importantly for many) affordability for your team. The mere fact that we come to you saves you time and money. And our efficiency minimizes interruption to your staff’s productivity.

Ultimately headshot photography is about representing you – and by extension your business – to potential customers in your best light. A good headshot photo that conveys confidence and approachability will make you look more appealing. This is ultimately the goal of all your marketing efforts. Morton Visuals likes to showcase your team in their environment, doing what they do. This natural setting helps your customers visualize what your team members do (and where), and provides a much more clear context versus a generic headshot in front of a white wall. We love making everyone look their best!

professional staff headshots of a financial services team at their offices
business group headshots of a pharmacy team

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Types of Headshots

There are countless ways to present your office headshots. Although we prefer to show some of your environment in your staff headshots, we can also photograph your team on a neutral background. This option is sometimes preferred when the headshots may be used for multiple purposes, including knockouts with no background at all. A neutral background may also make sense when photographing team members from different departments or with different roles. Below are just a few examples of staff headshots we have created for a variety of companies. Note that some have clean backgrounds and some show their office or work environment. We can create any variation for you — whatever look best meets your branding and marketing needs.

Staff Headshots Costs

Morton Visuals factors many things in to calculating the costs of location headshot photography. Some of these factors include:

  • Location
  • Static setup (like a studio) or environmental setup — or changing setups
  • Total time spent on location
  • Total number of staff headshots to be photographed and retouched
  • Crew required (Assistant, Digital Tech, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Creative Director) if any
  • Delivery timeframe

Morton Visuals likes to collaborate with our clients to determine the best options for their needs. We don’t expect to be — nor want to be — the least expensive option available. Because we are very experienced at what we do, we work very hard to make your office headshot experience an easy one. Our team can come to you to photograph a single person (CEO, etc.) or your entire office staff. The more people we photograph in an office headshots session, the lower the effective cost per person will be.

Headshot Photography Tips

Helpful Articles About Staff Headshots

We regularly post helpful articles in our blog. Here are a few popular articles to describe professional portraits, business headshots, and company headshots for your social media profiles.

pro makeup artist at work on a model to prepare for headshots

How to Look Your Best for Your Company Headshots

We have a handy reference on How to Look Your Best for Your Business Headshot, to ensure that we can make the most of your time. This was generated by a professional makeup artist, who has spent decades making people look their best for company headshot photography.