Office Headshots Cost

Morton Visuals photographing headshots on location

There are many factors to consider when pricing professional office headshots cost for your staff. Each shoot is unique in one way or another, so every quote is customized for the client’s specific needs. Here are just a few considerations that can affect the cost:

professional business headshots of the office team at their bank headquarters
Morton Visuals’ company headshots
  • Total number of headshots to be captured and delivered. Since we retouch every image going out, this has the greatest impact on costs.
  • Time required, in setup, photography on-site, and in post production.
  • Location (any travel time).
  • Setup required, whether a typical studio setup or an environmental setting incorporating the office space, or multiple setups.
  • Crew required, if any:
    • Makeup artist and/or stylist to prep everyone to look their best.
    • Assistant(s) for setup, setup relocations, if needed.
    • Digital tech for high volume headshots.
    • Assistant for data entry for high volume headshots.
    • Assistant to show images and help each person select their favorite image for retouching.
  • Post-production needs, such as background swaps, “magazine level” retouching for publication vs basic retouching, etc.