Beauty Photography for a Makeup Catalog Cover Shot

catalog cover beauty photography by Morton Visuals for advertising

William Morton recently photographed two L.A. models for the cover of the upcoming Graftobian Makeup catalog. Working with top makeup artist Mary Erickson, William photographed Jaimie Hilfiger and Sha G both individually and as a duo. Although William is not known for beauty photography, a full day of shooting and styling created a number of great beauty images for the catalog. The image below originally appeared as a full page inside the catalog, but was selected for the catalog cover. the following year. (The subsequent makeup catalog cover shot should appear at the top of this post.)

Graftobian Make Up Company 2011 catalog page 21
Graftobian 2011 catalog

William used a variety of lighting techniques to create the beauty shots, including the standard Mola-style beauty dish, a contrasty 86″ silver parabolic umbrella, and a 7′ Octodome for big soft light. See the Morton Visuals website for some of our beauty photography favorites, and keep an eye out for the next Graftobian catalog!

beauty models photographed by Morton Visuals as'Alice In Wonderland' Queens
Wonderland Queens for Graftobian Makeup
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