Morton Visuals Photographs Isagenix Celebration

event photography of a massive convention stage for Isagenix at the San Diego Convention Center

William Morton Visuals photographed the Celebration 2010 convention for Isagenix. Isagenix, the world leader in nutritional cleansing and replenishing, put on a world-class 3-day event at the San Diego Convention Center.

event photography of rehearsal of the convention opening with the main stage at the San Diego Convention Center
Convention opening rehearsal

Titled Celebration 2010, the daily themes were Believe, Achieve, and Decide. Merestone Event Productions created a stage show encompassing each, with a light show worthy of any Las Vegas venue.

Rhythm Nation opens the Isagenix convention
Rhythm Nation
Isagenix CEO Jim Coover
Pres./CEO Jim Coover

Rhythm Nation warmed up the crowd for the grand entrance of Jim & Kathy Coover, the President and Executive Vice President of Isagenix. Notable speakers included the legendary Les Brown, who provided a very inspirational speech to the attendees.

event photography of keynote speaker Les Brown presenting a powerful message at the San Diego Convention Center
Les Brown presents a powerful keynote

William went on to photograph one or two major events per year for Isagenix over the next half dozen years.

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