Live Streaming Video Tips to Connect with Your Audience

Morton Visuals TipsLive Streaming Video Tips to Connect with Your Audience

Live streaming video offers a unique way to connect with an audience. It has been historically popular with gamers, athletes, and musical artists. However, it wasn’t until YouTube got on board that this technology really began to flourish.

You may be wondering: how can the corporate world utilize live streaming?

With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable photography company like Morton Visuals, a well-organized, high-quality live stream event can result in a substantial return on investment.

Here are a few tips on how to make live streaming work for you:

  • Live streaming allows for real-time customer engagement. Whether you’re presenting a new product, allowing consumers to peek behind the scenes, or offering a Q&A session, most platforms allow the customers to ask questions and get answers immediately. Your audience will feel heard and valued.
  • Having a professional videographer capturing high-quality video from multiple angles is an undisputed asset. In fact, 67% of viewers surveyed by New York Magazine said that quality is the most important factor when enjoying a live stream. With that in mind, it’s also vital that you have an excellent internet connection. There is nothing worse than a stream that goes black mid-sentence.
  • Being genuine is vital to the success of a live stream. Have a general idea of how you want the live stream to go, but don’t over-plan. Viewers aren’t looking for a polished, edited video where everything you say comes out right. They just want to get to know you.

We often discuss how important photography is when connecting with consumers. Lifestyle photography and professional headshots allow the public to get a first impression.

Live streaming video takes this a step further, letting people get to know you and ask some burning questions. If they like and trust you, then you may gain a few more brand believers. And there is nothing more powerful in the world of marketing than a passionate customer.

Learn more about live streaming with Morton Visuals by getting in touch with us today.  

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