Office Headshots in Dallas


professional office headshots
professional headshots of a financial services team at their offices

We bring a studio to you!

  • Consistent look for your entire team
  • Cost efficient
  • Very minimal impact on your staff’s time
  • Retouched images for professional results

How easy is it to get office headshots done?

location photography setup in corporate training room
Morton Visuals photographing headshots on location
Morton Visuals reviews headshots with a client on location
  1. Book your session. We typically allot 10-minutes/person, but can condense if absolutely necessary.
  2. Allocate a space. We often set up in a conference room or a training room.
  3. Check in. We either get a .CSV listing of those to be photographed or we check people in as they arrive.
  4. We photograph. 📸 Typically 8-12 images/person, and review immediately. If there’s something you don’t like, we correct it and shoot a few more.
  5. Private proof gallery. We email each person photographed a private gallery of proofs. Each person marks (❤️) their favorite image for retouching.
  6. We deliver! Once everyone has marked their selection we do the retouching and email each person so that they can download the finished, polished headshot. (We can also provide a gallery of those selections to the company contact.)

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