Corporate Headshots: Matching the Corporate Style for Professional Results

business headshot on blue background

Morton Visuals was selected recently to photograph corporate headshots of investment advisors in their downtown San Diego offices. This headshot session required us to match previous work from an east coast office. So we gelled a muslin background and matched the lighting style to replicate the prior look. Since we often work with local offices of national businesses, we often need to match existing headshots created elsewhere. Fortunately, Morton Visuals has no problem doing that!

Photo assistant Andy Wilhelm has fun with the camera setup on a business headshot shoot

In the photo at left, Photo Assistant Andy Wilhelm mugs for the camera as we were setting up lighting and the camera. I really enjoy working with people who are not only knowledgable but just fun to work with! The PhotoVision Video Digital Calibration Target verified focus, exposure, and color balance. (Of course we used a Sekonic 558 light meter and an X-rite Color Checker Passport for the initial metering and color calibration target.)

Morton Visuals photographing investors business headshots in San Diego

Being prepared well before the scheduled shoot time allowed us to get each executive in and out with minimal imposition on their tight schedule. This is a critical aspect of Morton Visuals’ corporate headshots process.

In the image at right you can see me shooting one of the executives (photo courtesy of Andy Wilhelm’s iPhone).  All-in-all a great day photographing busy executives in San Diego! 

San Diego business headshot of an investment advisor
San Diego business headshot
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