Fashion Styling Class from Mesa College Works at Studio J

Business Photography | Morton Visuals ShootsFashion Styling Class from Mesa College Works at Studio J

Photographer William Morton helped three students from a Mesa College fashion styling class complete their class project yesterday. The students were tasked with presenting images of a rock star, so William donated the studio time and a 4-hour shoot to capture the different looks created by the team. Renee Candler and her classmates did a great job with model April, as did makeup artist CeCe. See a few examples below.


Casual fun

Casual fun


Fashion model/musician in the spotlight

Spotlight on rock


Singer April in a colorful club setting

Singing in a colorful club setting


Fashion model April rocks her bass

High-key guitar


April poses in high-key with the guitar

High-key guitar


Fashion model April in glamour

Glamourous April

What are your thoughts?

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