How To Create Engaging FAQ Videos

Jesse Castaneda answers from Frequently Asked Questions from his State Farm Insurance customers

FAQ videos of frequently-asked questions and answers, are growing in popularity. These are often called “short form videos,” and are incredibly popular with the rise of TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts and Facebook stories. Both sales teams and customer service teams see a huge benefit in providing FAQ videos to customers. It reduces the time requirements on each department, allowing them to focus on other aspects of sales and service. And customers can feel empowered by finding information without spending what may be long waits on hold on the telephone. Most importantly, it gets that information out in your voice, with your personality and brand.

Sales Teams Can Use Videos

Sales teams love the ability to refer potential customers to them, as they often answer many pre-purchase questions customers may have. They can be used to highlight key features of a company’s products or services, emphasizing the benefit to the customer. Software companies in particular have embraced a version of these FAQ videos, providing demonstrations of their software functions. Some refer to them as “How To” videos, or “explainer videos.”

Customer Service Teams Can Use Videos

Customer service teams love the option to proactively answer those questions that they keep answering over and over again. Providing this information in advance, in a way that is easy for a customer to access, can save very valuable time. This frees up the customer service reps to focus on other customer concerns. The example that always comes to my mind is the first step in a trouble-shooting process for anything electronic. “Have you rebooted [the thing]? Let me tell you how to do that…” If you do the math on how many times reps spend talking through the same points, and calculate the cost of their time, you can easily see how quickly these videos can pay off.

Vidyard has just released a great article on this subject, “Everything You Need to Know About FAQ Videos.”

How Morton Visuals Can Help You

Morton Visuals’ video production can help you produce these valuable short videos. Check out the sample introductory video below, created for an insurance agent in Texas.

FAQ Intro Video

The Intro Video, as well as any of the individual FAQs shown below, can be edited in to one longer video or posted and shared individually. Keeping them as separate videos allows for easier sharing on social media. You can trickle them out once per week, or on whatever posting schedule you like. It’s also quicker and easier for customers to view specific info on your website, business Facebook page, or anywhere you choose to share them. See the individual video examples below.

FAQ Video Examples

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6

Interested in learning how you and your business can take advantage of FAQ videos? Give us a call, or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help!

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