Executive Portraits That Say More Than a Headshot

Executive portrait in the office

Executive portraits are more than simple business headshots. Whether in San Diego or Dallas, Spokane or Seattle, a CEO or an executive needs to project a different presence. Key elements should be of calm, strength, confidence, knowledge, and control. As such, executive portraits typically include a variety of looks and styles. Each may be best suited for a different audience or use. Unlike a standard headshot, an executive portrait usually shows the executive in his environment. This is one of our favorite types of photography sessions. As we talk with the executive (and his or her team) we determine the personality traits that need to be conveyed. This helps us to choose locations or settings and even poses that will reinforce the intended look.

Please get in contact with us to discuss how we can help you create the imagery you need to support your marketing efforts. We’ll be happy to help you brainstorm your goals, and the best way(s) to meet them. Ultimately we’d love to help your company put together the executive portraits to advance your goals. You can message us, or give Morton Visuals a call.