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In a previous article we mentioned how popular conference headshots have become. Now that events such as conferences and conventions are back in full swing, meeting planners and event directors are looking at various “value-added” attractions for their attendees. And one very popular option is to offer something like a headshot booth for attendees. This is one of the 21 Best Corporate Event Entertainment Trends for 2023, and includes professional event headshots. So how can you offer this popular feature?

Morton Visuals has provided event headshots for many years, and has gotten very good at it. We’ve made the experience enjoyable for guests, and new improvements of late have made the process even more efficient. Headshots may be provided with or without retouching, with the latter being available to the guest on the spot.

Event Headshots Options

Pricing Options

Per Person

A minimum charge is calculated (based on the number of hours photography is to be provided), with a final invoice based on the total number of headshots delivered. This may save money vs the flat rate model, as you’d only pay based on the total number of event headshots delivered, but it does leave the final total unknown.


Flat Rate

Pricing is “per set, per day,” with a set budget. There is no limit to the number of headshots delivered (other than the speed with which we can move people through). This option is often cleaner for an event planner, as there is no question what the total cost will be. This seems to be the preferred option for most event planners, as it’s most easily budgeted.


Delivery Options

Immediate Delivery

This option allows the attendee to download one (or all) images immediately after capture, so that they have them available to use that day. This options provides immediacy at the lowest possible cost to the event planner or organization.


Full Service

Each person photographed selects and receives one fully retouched image, usually emailed directly to the guest within one week. This will cost more due to the additional time required for retouching, but presents a much more impressive product.


Additional Options

Makeup Artist

A popular option is the addition of a professional makeup artist to provide that “Hollywood” star treatment. Although there isn’t time for a full makeover, this add-on proves invaluable by allowing a pro to powder (and remove shine) and tame any stray hairs that have a mind of their own.


Digital Tech

Our standard delivery options are immediate unretouched images or (delayed) retouched images once everyone has selected their favorites. If we schedule a digital tech full-time, they can retouch images immediately after capture — allowing guests to download retouched images almost immediately.



Our Headshots Process

Morton Visuals provides a complete solution for professional headshots – including immediate distribution.

We’re excited to show a new process for our volume event headshots! Here’s an outline of our workflow:

  • Guests “check in” on our iPad or their own phone by using our QR code.
  • Each person steps in to our location studio setup and we capture 6-8 headshots.
  • We upload a private proof gallery, which is emailed to each guest as soon as we complete their photography.
  • If opting for Immediate Delivery:
    • Each guest can view and download their favorite image(s) as soon as they view their email.
    • Guests have the option to order retouching separately, if desired. (Retouching will take up to 1 week, and then a retouched image will be added to their private gallery.
  • If opting for Full Service:
    • Each guest can view their private gallery via their email and mark a favorite image for retouching.
    • Once all guests have made selections, we will begin retouching the marked selections.
    • All guests will be notified upon completion of retouching, and they can download their retouched headshot from their private gallery.

We encourage all guests to view their headshots immediately after photography. If there’s something they don’t like – for example, if they’d like to change their hair/etc. – we can loop them back in to the queue and shoot a few more versions for them.

All guests will have their own private photo gallery of headshots, accessible via emailed link. They are able to download their selected image to their phone or computer, depending on how they access their email.

Other Considerations for Successful Event Headshots at Your Event

A few things will help make headshots at your conference or event more successful:

  • We do need access to power at our location. Although we can use battery-powered strobes, our laptops will only run for so long without power.
  • Wi-Fi will be needed to effect image selection and delivery. If your event will not have available wi-fi, please let us know in advance so that we may make other arrangements.
  • Advance notice will maximize participation. You have no idea how often we hear “I didn’t realize you were offering this! If I had known, I would have worn a nicer outfit, or gotten a haircut, etc…”
  • Scheduling is vital. We can be set up in a trade show or exhibit hall all day, but if attendees are in workshops all day then we’ll never be able to photograph anyone. If we only have a 2-hour window during a lunch break, we can only photograph so many people.
  • If the event is attended by mostly one company or organization, please help us connect with the company’s I.T. department to get our emails whitelisted. This will avoid our image notifications from being blocked or going to a spam folder.
  • Our standard setup is one background with one Photographer and optionally one Assistant to help people with signing in, making selections, retrieving their images, etc. Depending on anticipated volume, we may price out additional set(s).
  • Some organizations have a sponsor cover the costs of conference headshots. That eliminates the cost to the organization, and additional signage allows the sponsor some additional promotion.
  • A makeup artist is totally optional, but can really enhance the “star treatment” experience for your guests. Although there would not be time for a full makeover, sometimes just being able to powder and tame any stray hairs will drastically improve the final product — particularly if opting for the Unretouched/Immediate image delivery.


Case Studies

See our other blog article on conference headshots for two case studies.

We’re happy to chat with you to talk through options anytime. Feel free to give us a call at (888)239-6213 or email us with the details of your conference or event.

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