Event Engagement : The Most Important Thing to Capture

A UoA rep greets a NACE member at the BP Career Fair

As a professional event photographer, I have opportunities to see (and photograph) a wide range of conventions, conferences, awards banquets, and other corporate events. Over the years I’ve noticed distinct differences in event engagement – what’s featured and emphasized, what’s offered in terms of entertainment and activities, and what networking attendees do during the event.

When a convention or conference includes a trade show you see your normal assortment of booths featuring products and services, and attendees all browse and interact with the vendors. Conferences see speakers presenting informational or motivational speeches to crowds. With awards banquets you have presentations and congratulations abound. One thing they all have in common is a desire to engage – for speakers to connect to the audience, vendors to “put a face to the name” and build personal relationships with customers, and companies to acknowledge awards-winners. Illustrating that event engagement is my primary goal.

Morton Visuals captures the interaction between Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter and VIPs at the American Psychological Association APA conference in San Diego CA
Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter greets APA guests

I look for moments. From my perspective that is best illustrated when people meet, so networking sessions are gold for me. Before they start highlighting their goods or talking business there is an initial smile and greeting, usually with a handshake. To me this encapsulates the interaction of networking, and the event engagement that sponsors, vendors, and organizations seek. Connecting people – whether for sales or camaraderie – makes events great, and in my humble opinion, successful. I capture this by watching for those smiles and handshakes.

Browse through my current event photography portfolio to see more. What aspect of a corporate event do you feel is the most important goal? Tell us in the comments below!

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