Drone Photography in North Idaho

Drone photographer William Morton operates his drone in front of a lake sunset
Sandpoint drone photographer William Morton demonstrates drone photography in front of a lake sunset

Based in north Idaho, Morton Visuals is now able to offer professional drone photography and drone video services. We operate in Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene, and even Spokane! Owner and photographer William Morton secured his FAA (Part 107) license this year, so he is now able to offer drone services commercially. From real estate to commercial video, drones offer a different perspective not possible with still cameras or even video cameras. We are excited to explore all the possibilities where this newer option can enhance commercial imaging.

Drone Photography for Real Estate

drone photography with overhead view of real estate property
Drone View

Virtually all real estate listings now include drone photography and drone video. From an overhead view to show property lines to a wide view to show a property and its neighborhood, a drone is able to get those views not possible from the ground. This ability to show a property and the surrounding area offers a context for a property. This is particularly valuable when a home is near a school, park, golf course, or other local attraction. It’s all about telling a property’s story as completely as possible. Drone photography has become an incredibly popular add-on to real estate photography assignments. And knowing that your drone photographer is properly FAA-certified, licensed, and insured should be one less thing for a busy realtor to worry about.

drone photography can show larger areas of property and its surrounding environment

Adding motion to the images, in the form of a drone video, can play a huge part of the emotional attraction to a property. When combined with a cinematic video walkthrough, potential home buyers can truly get a feel for a property.

Drones for Commercial Advertising

A drone can provide unique views as part of a commercial advertising video as well. We recently included some drone shots for a local auto repair business. (You can view the entire commercial on YouTube.) As with real estate listings, a drone can provide valuable context to the location of a business, help people recognize the building or signage, and reinforce that initial view of a business. Although possibly not as valuable for an individual bookkeeper’s business, it can add tremendous value to a storefront business or something like a construction project’s overview.