The Power of Your Image: How to Make Your Company Culture Shine

office group portrait of Labrum Wealth Management

Whether you’re doing individual business headshots or headshots of your entire team, a lot can be inferred about your business’ style and company culture. To illustrate this, I’ve recently had an opportunity to work with a client photographing a number of different companies for a magazine awards feature. As I met and interacted with the executives and their staff I noticed significant differences in their collective personalities. Of course the executives and the staff had different personas, but the collective “vibe” is what struck me in particular.

Since these companies were all financial planners and wealth managers they all had a sense of seriousness and professionalism. But a few stood out, which led me to the question: does your image represent your company culture?

Below are two different companies and their group portraits. Aside from the differences in offices and demographics, each group definitely had its own style.

casual company culture illustrated in office group portrait of Labrum Wealth Management
Jason Labrum and staff
executive group portrait of Epstein and White Retirement Income Solutions demonstrates a more formal company culture
The office of Epstein and White

On the left is Jason Labrum of Labrum Wealth Management, a Carlsbad-based firm. His team exemplifies modern, hip, casual and comfortable company culture. Their single-story open office space near the beach reinforces this progressive style, and they project a team environment.

On the right is David Epstein and Bradley White’s La Jolla-based office of Epstein and White Retirement Income Solutions. Their individual offices are located in a high-rise building, and they exude a professional, independent, and more traditional business environment. Their more formal company culture is apparent in their boardroom portrait. Note the preference in posing each of the team members, as well as the style of dress each office prefers. The tie vs no-tie wardrobe also reinforces the overall feel of the two groups.

As you think about your own company’s culture, does your office image match the personalities of your staff? Do you have individual portraits that showcase each valuable member of your team? What’s your style? If you aren’t projecting the image that you want for your company, find out how Morton Visuals can help you! 

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