Corporate Video Production

video interview setup in the studio

Morton Visuals offers corporate video production to support business marketing success. We record video interviews, online commercials, promotional videos, and customer testimonials. Morton Visuals gets your message out for your customers, in your voice.

corporate video interview in the studio
Multi-camera video interview setup in the studio

Studies have proven that business marketing with video is essential in today’s world. Customers care about the kinds of businesses they support, and they care about the story behind the brand. Corporate video marketing allows you to connect your business with consumers at a higher level. Business marketing with video conveys passion, emotion, and honesty. Corporate video makes you more than just a business — it makes you real.

When it’s time to execute your video marketing strategy, be sure you have an experienced professional like Morton Visuals by your side.

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Types of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video is incredibly powerful for marketing businesses. In fact, the majority of all internet traffic leads to video. Here are a few ways you can use video to help your business:

Commercials for your website and social media

Video marketing on social media produces a very consistent return on investment. In fact, one study showed that around 90% of marketers in 2018 were satisfied with their ROI. And, as we know, video has only gained in popularity since then. Landing pages with video result in more conversions, and social media posts with videos attached get 10x more engagement.

Customer testimonials

Positive customer testimonials are one of the top tools when it comes to increasing trust in a product or company. Consumers expect a business to talk up their product, but when they have the opportunity to hear honesty in an existing customer’s voice and see appreciation in their eyes, there is no better referral.

Customer testimonial video

Customer testimonial video production

In a recent blog article, we described how customer testimonial videos can increase the returns on your marketing. Customer testimonials are viewed as a more trustworthy source. And word-of-mouth recommendations carry a lot more weight in consumers’ buying decisions. 

on location promotional video for marketing with video

Morton Visuals makes collecting video testimonials a smooth and easy process. We can set up at your location to record several of your recent customers describing their (great) experience with you. Once recorded, these can be edited into several versions.

Video Testimonials for Social Media

We can create several, short clips designed to work well in social media channels. Each one can be trickled out over time, providing not just a single ad or endorsement but a continual stream. Frequency greatly improves the effectiveness of advertising, particularly in social media, because it keeps your business in front of consumers and in their thoughts. Video clips also provide that additional content, which helps to make your business look more active on social media.

Video Testimonials for Website Use 

A full version of the testimonial video can sit on your website or landing page. With several customers singing your praises, you’re sure to grab the attention and, most importantly, trust of consumers. Again, this kind of content never gets old. As your website traffic increases, so will your views. As your views increase, so will your traffic. That cycle is every marketer’s dream. 

How valuable are customer testimonials?

It’s also important to note that customer testimonials are evergreen content. That means this type of video will always be relevant. It will offer you the chance to attract customers as long as the video is being shared and viewed. Promotions typically have an end date. Customer testimonials can make an impact forever.

Google has demonstrated a great love for video, and video is more and more favored by online viewers. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. It’s no wonder that video for business is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Promotional Video Production

How Can You Use a Promotional Video Production for Marketing?

Make sure customers know about your promotions. Since social media posts with video result in more post views, you’re more likely to reach your target audience through video. Morton Visuals knows that the more versatile a product is, the better. Promotional videos may be time-sensitive (like the Christmas Toy Drive video below), but they can be used across multiple platforms, and Morton Visuals knows the best way to edit for each outlet.

Chevrolet promotional video

Promotional videos can also be hosted for longer periods of time, such as this video for the Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce promoting local businesses

Chamber of Commerce feature video

How valuable are promo videos?

Promotional videos are typically used to promote a special sale, event, or marketing strategy. However, any video promoting your business could be labeled a promotional video!

After all, when 83% of video marketers claim that video helps with lead generation, you have to listen!

Educational content

This is becoming very popular. Don’t just show a product; show people how they can use it and make their lives better. According to YouTube, searches related to “how to” grow by about 70% every year.

Training videos are well worth the investment, since they can be used repeatedly as you onboard employees. They can be viewed from anywhere, without taking valuable time from other team members’ work schedules. Plus, studies show that employees are more likely to retain information when it is presented in a video format.


These have become the norm over the last year, courtesy of the pandemic. However, they are handy tools when trying to reach any target audience that may not be able to meet in person.


This presents the opportunity for real-time engagement. Morton Visuals has the equipment and the knowledge to make sure your livestream event runs smoothly.

Promotional videos in particular are more time-sensitive than other video possibilities. Whereas a commercial video may live on your website for a long time, a promotional video tends to be published and advertised heavily for a short period of time. As such, it needs to be much more attention-grabbing, and typically much shorter, than the other videos we listed here.

Training Video Production

Human Resources training

corporate training class

Not only can video be used to train your human resource professionals, it can also be used by human resource professionals to convey important information to employees. When team learning makes the most sense, but you find it difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time, video training can save the day. It can also provide consistency in training. Read more examples of how video can help your business in our blog article: Video for Business.

Consumer training

A growing trend in many industries is the use of “how to” videos showing customers (and potential customers) how to use products. This is a very low-key or low pressure sales approach, but is highly effective. It helps viewers picture themselves (owning and) using your products, which is arguably half of the sales battle. Software demos are prime examples of this technique.

How does brand storytelling support your marketing?

Our recent blog article on How to Achieve Brand Storytelling with Video lists the top three most effective brand storytelling videos!

Video is the best way to achieve brand storytelling. Demonstrate how your company helps the community. Tell people how you got started. Make yourself and your company relatable. Most of all, put your brand storytelling in your customers’ hands by collecting genuine, positive video testimonials.

How Much Does Corporate Video Production Cost?

Corporate video production can seem expensive at first glance, but there is absolutely no substitute for taking the initiative to get your message across to potential customers exactly the way you want. This is especially true when your business is multi-faceted.

video production setup in studio

The great thing about Morton Visuals is that we focus solely on corporate work. We understand how photography and video plays into marketing strategies. It’s why we are the best choice when it comes to choosing a corporate video production company. We understand your goals, and we can work with you to design the best and most cost-effective solution to help you reach them.

Video productions can be simple, like using a 1-camera setup to record a customer testimonial. Likewise for recording a presentation or speaker at an event. They can be more complex, too, like organizing a multi-camera interview, or mixing a training presentation with close-up camera angles, or a “day in the life” type of video (with multiple locations, b-roll, etc). We should be happy to discuss the many options with you to determine what would deliver the best results for your specific needs and use, and try to tailor a budget to match.

Whatever your needs, Morton Visuals is up to the challenge. We’re also happy to travel for video and photography projects. Based in North Idaho (near Coeur d’Alene and Spokane), Dallas, and San Diego, we’re here to help you and your business!

Interested in discussing how video can benefit your business? Contact us and let’s brainstorm!

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