Corporate Lifestyle Photoshoot for Social Media Marketing – Prepare for Success

Morton Visuals Commercial Photography TipsCorporate Lifestyle Photoshoot for Social Media Marketing – Prepare for Success

A corporate lifestyle photoshoot is a great way to catch a consumer’s eye on social media. As of 2020, 3.6 billion people throughout the world were using social media. This presents an excellent opportunity for a company to promote their product or services.

3.6 billion people can be an intimidating demographic. However, you can tailor your social media advertising to target a certain audience. As a result, you will not be sending your ad out into the void. It will reach people who are actually interested in what you offer.

The Three Major Social Media Platforms For Your Corporate Lifestyle Photoshoot

When planning a corporate lifestyle photoshoot for social media, you should know your audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the most popular social media platforms. They all excel in different areas:

On Facebook, you need a photo that is eye-catching and will stop scrollers in their tracks. You also need an accompanying post that is engaging. Facebook users like a good discussion, so make sure photos pique a viewer’s interest. Try pairing them with a question or conversation starter.

With just 280 characters at your disposal, Twitter does not give you a lot of room to get a message across. Photos will likely be paired with hashtags, and you can research some of these possibilities prior to the shoot. Hashtags make it so that Twitter users who might be interested in your company or product can find you.

Instagram is where your photo truly needs to stand out. Although written posts and hashtags can both be utilized on this platform, it is a photo sharing network. Instagram users love feeling transported, and they enjoy having an insider’s view. It could be a good place for teaser photos and behind-the-scenes shots.

The most important thing is that you work with an experienced corporate photographer. He or she should understand the business and know that you are not just trying to take a pretty picture; you are trying to sell a product using multiple social media platforms.

Learn how Morton Visuals can help you create a corporate lifestyle photoshoot that will appeal to social media users by getting in touch today!

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