The Best Ways Corporate Marketing Can Use Commercial Photography

confident pose works well for this business portrait of Susan Salka

Commercial photography is essential to corporate marketing. Let’s take a brief look at some of the various segments of commercial photography and how professional photography (like that created by Morton Visuals) can contribute to your marketing success.

commercial headshot of a CEO is used for corporate marketing
Corporate CEO headshot

Corporate Headshots

There is no doubt about it, whether you are in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, San Diego or Dallas — corporate headshots are amazing tools that are used to represent who you are, not what you do. If you establish a reputable business portrait, you can instill the values of quality with your potential customers.

You have numerous studios to choose from. The challenge there becomes the time cost of sending all of your employees off-site, and lost time equals lost productivity and increased cost. You can set up a mini studio yourself and make a quick picture with your iPhone in no time, but if you want the very best results for your corporate marketing you should plan on hiring a professional headshot photographer.

For corporate headshots, you need to make sure that you’re using proper equipment, adequate lighting, with appropriate lenses. And you’ll want to ensure that the images match your company’s brand and style (inherent in your corporate marketing). A professional photographer understands all this, and can help you develop a style that reflects your company in its best light. After all, that visual is often a potential customer’s first impression about you and your company.

Morton Visuals began offering professional headshots in San Diego, and expanded that market segment in Dallas. By being flexible and scalable Morton Visuals can travel and photograph entire office teams anywhere in the country.

Corporate Offices

Morton Visuals photographing headshots on location

Almost all your corporate portrait photography needs are going to be taken care of in your offices. You need to know how to make the office a fantastic photography place. To make sure that you always have a proper photo option, you can utilize the services of a mobile studio. Either hire someone to do it or do it yourself.

Of course you’re more likely to get results that you love — and that is useful to your corporate marketing — if you use an experienced professional. And you’ll free up your time, and minimize the billable time of. your staff, by using a professional who can work efficiently. Morton Visuals has done this extensively in San Diego and Dallas, and now offers this service in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane.

Bringing professional lighting, tripods, lenses, and cameras is a great way to turn any place into a quick and efficient photo studio. The only thing left to do is posing, and that is best done on the spot.

Corporate Meeting and Event Photos

company holiday party portrait
Holiday party portrait

Corporate meetings and events can make for some good photos that paint a fun, dynamic, and personal picture of your company. It is important to photograph these events accurately. An event management company needs to be very proficient and smart about how they handle photos of these events.

Planning corporate meetings has never been a simple task but planning it the right way could lead not only to some fantastic event portrait photography but to some improved corporate marketing as well. And the opportunity for building camaraderie cannot be overvalued. The happy couple pictured here were celebrating at a San Diego employee holiday party.

Corporate Parties, Outings, and Retreats

A UoA rep greets a NACE member at the BP Career Fair
Document the interaction between people

If you’re working hard or hardly working, it’s crucial to capture the experience of all corporate parties, outings, and retreats. These are not only good team-building opportunities but also prove themselves to give great photo options.

Photographing your parties and outings is integral to painting a picture of your business as a fun, modern, and progressive one. Numerous different firms offer their outing and party service to companies, such as this one. The photo at right was captured during a job fair at a conference in Houston. Such photos can be employed in HR segments of your corporate marketing.

Commercial photography

Commercial photography includes, amongst several other specialties, the following:

Food Photography

bar cocktail product photography for marketing
Product photography on location

There are numerous different ways you can improve your food photography game. Soliciting the services of a food stylist, a professional photographer, and a prop specialist is a great place to start. The value of great images in marketing food cannot be overestimated.

Food photography can make use of models to demonstrate the qualities of the food product. Finding a model for your food photography is as simple as contacting your local modeling agency. Of course if you have “photogenic” friends who are comfortable in front of the camera, then you’re at an advantage. Just keep in mind that they should match. your desired demographic, and be appealing to that same demographic.

The food itself must be prepared to looks its absolute best by the chef, and must be photographed very quickly. It’s always best to prepare the food in a sequence to that each item can be plated and rotated in to the set one after another. Food will not look nearly as appealing after it has been sitting for a few minutes. This also applies to accessory items, such as beverages.

watch product photography

Product Photography

The only way you can paint an accurate picture of your product on your e-commerce website is by giving it a good photo. A good photo paints a picture of reliability, trustworthiness, and quality. The product is mostly judged by the way it looks. You can’t touch or feel the product through the internet, so manipulating the visuals is a fantastic way to present it. It’s virtually impossible to effectively market a product without a good strong visual.

However, stores can have numerous products, and photographing them can prove to be very expensive. You’ll want to analyze your cost/benefit ratios. The more appealing your product is in its visuals, the more desirable it will be to your (potential) customers. That’s the same reason magazines put beautiful models on their covers. Marketing requires great visuals. One could even say marketing requires Morton Visuals!

Interior Photography

real estate photography interior master bathroom vanity

Interior Photography is a science, and takes a lot of time to create. Time of day can be critical in many locations, adding (or minimizing) daylight as appropriate. That nice sunset shot of a building can only be taken at one time of day, and all other images must be scheduled before or after that key shot. This architectural interior of a remodeled North Idaho Master Bath was taken in the early afternoon, when light could bounce in to the room without creating hot spots.

Some spaces may need morning light or late afternoon light, depending on elements such as windows and what side of a building a space may be on. It’s important to allow for these variables. For this reason many architectural photos must be taken over the course of a full day to get the best light for each space. If you simply try to run in for an hour and shoot everything you’re not going to be able to get each space in its best light.

Whether it’s for real estate sales or vacation rentals like Air B&B or VRBO, making property look beautiful in still photos or video is a huge factor in the success of marketing that property.

Industrial Photography

industrial photography welder

Industrial photography, while not glamorous, is very important, fun, and challenges. Taking good industrial photos can be a challenge. Inspiration is key, and you need some excellent industrial photo subjects to make a good photo.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to this type of photography!

Some common subjects in industrial photography are:

  • Welders working
  • Processing plants
  • Shipyard and factory workers
  • Gas terminals
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Machinery
  • Assembly lines
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair facilities
  • Construction sites

Brochures and Catalogue Photography

Brochures and catalogs are not that challenging to photograph but are essential to document. Marketing tools are very important, though! You need to keep a couple of things in mind when doing so to best showcase your skills. This will paint the picture of the catalog and brochure in a fun and friendly manner.

Benefits of Commercial Photography in Corporate Marketing

Corporate and commercial photography give a better visual presentation for your marketing. 

  • Enhances your corporate image

They improve your corporate image, and these days, image is everything! Be it on your website or any marketing collaterals, good corporate image speaks more than words.

  • Be Active on Social Media

A fantastic way to enhance your corporate image is by utilizing social media. Look at what Wendy’s has done with a single twitter account. With their new laid back and modern perspective on social media, they have documented growth of 10% in a couple of months. That’s effective marketing!

You need to get into this. Create an engaging conversation about your service or products, be active in your community, and you’re going to be a social media professional in no time.

  • Increases your brand awareness

Raising your brand awareness is integral to creating a long-lasting impression on your potential customers. Awareness is everything, and your corporate marketing should work to improve it in any way you can. Commercial photography is a fantastic tool that works for this like a charm. There are numerous ways to do this, of course.

  • Improves your brand eminence

Consider hiring a professional to photograph your team at events to enhance your brand eminence. You can post these pictures on your official website for better promotion.

  • Increases Sales & ROI

Innovative photographs drive consumers to your product or service, thus increasing marketing ROI and sales. Sales and ROI are significant and should be improved in any aspect available.


While pictures and good commercial photographs might sound expensive, you can’t afford to have shoddy ones. Another important facet to highlight here is the photo editing which can add life to your images.  Hire a professional photographer to support your corporate marketing and you will reap the innumerable benefits of excellent commercial photography, and get your business on the next level, while also gaining an edge on the competition. Morton Visuals, now based in North Idaho, services Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene, and Spokane as well as San Diego CA and Dallas TX.

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