Morton Visuals recently opened a new office in Sandpoint, Idaho, offering professional Coeur d’Alene headshots to the region’s growing population. We are accepting business headshot assignments throughout the North Idaho panhandle as a new member of the Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber of Commerce. Ask us about our business headshot packages! It’s our pleasure to support CdA’s business community.

All images Copyright William Morton.

Why Do I Need Professional Headshots in Coeur d’Alene?

Morton Visuals features a variety of services that make you look your very best to potential clients and customers. Our team of professional photographers can provide you with the right marketing portrait or headshot for LinkedIn.

William Morton has been working in the corporate photography industry for twelve years, and with a total of three decades of professional experience, he is prepared to help you. For the last 6 years Morton Visuals has delivered headshots in Dallas, and now we are able to offer Coeur d’Alene headshots. Our team of marketing and branding experts understands the importance of appealing to various demographics and outlets. We can assist you with creating a strong image.

We offer high quality Coeur d’Alene headshots for business, regardless of whether they are professional lifestyle shots or formal executive portraits. We will come to your location for a single session so you and your staff can be photographed together. You can concentrate on what you do best while we handle everything else for you.

Who needs a professional Coeur d’Alene headshot?

A professional Coeur d’Alene headshot is vital for anyone who interacts with customers. Because it allows you to present yourself (and your business) to the public in the best light. A professional headshot on LinkedIn gets fourteen times more views than a selfie or a low-quality picture, which is why you should demonstrate that you are willing to invest in your Coeur d’Alene business.

Studio vs On Location Headshots

Morton Visuals photographing on-location headshots in Dallas
Morton Visuals shooting headshots in the client’s conference room

Studios act as a backdrop for professional social media profiles. Typically, home-based businesses and salespeople request studio headshots, as they are the most convenient, easiest, and least expensive solution.

Most successful people have a hectic schedule, making scheduling studio portrait sessions during business hours difficult. They may not have the time to travel to a studio.

No matter whether you need a LinkedIn profile picture or a professional portrait for your About Us page, Morton Visuals can bring the best photography equipment to your location and create Coeur d’Alene headshots in your natural environment. As people tend to be more relaxed in a familiar setting, it’s easier for them to exude charisma. If you leave the phone for the headshot session, you can get back on right away.

professional headshots of a financial services team at their offices

In addition to the standard studio session, you may request an on-site photo session for your entire group. Here are a few advantages:

  • Scheduling is not an issue because everyone is in the room simultaneously.
  • After the finished images are completed, they can be provided to the website designer, printer, etc.
  • Consistency in image is a reflection of a company’s cohesiveness and professionalism.

Morton Visuals is able to offer onsite Coeur d’Alene headshot photography by transporting a mobile studio directly to the client’s location. Subjects are disturbed for only a few minutes as a result of this process.

Faster resumption of billing hours may allow some businesses to save substantial amounts of money.

What is the best way to organize Coeur d’Alene headshots for your team?

location photography setup in corporate training room for Coeur d'Alene headshots
Training room setup

A Coeur d’Alene headshot session is often held in the conference room of the company or in a company’s multipurpose rooms. This enables us to take many headshots in rapid succession.

Environmental headshots of a pharmacy team
Environmental headshots on location

Furthermore, you can take photos of your employees in their natural surroundings. These are called environmental portraits. If you need both headshots and lifestyle shots, this is the ideal choice.

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