Coeur d’Alene Conference Photography and Corporate Meeting Photography

event photography of the Conference opening for Microsofts West Coast partners at the Los Angeles Convention Center

As a professional photographer for 30 years, William Morton has specialized in corporate event photography since 2009. Conferences, annual conventions, and business meetings are all part of our scope. We are now excited to offer Coeur d’Alene conference photography to the North Idaho region, whether it’s at the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Resort, the Hagadone Event Center, or elsewhere.

  All images Copyright William Morton.

Many of our clients hire us year after year. One reason for this is because William knows VIPs and key personnel, as well as how an event flows from beginning to end. He helps clients maintain consistency from year to year.

The reason for this is obvious. All of our corporate photography is done professionally. So, we know exactly how photos can enhance the success of a campaign, brand, or business. As professionals with more than 30 years of photography experience, top-of-the-line equipment, and a high level of technical expertise, we are the ideal choice for handling corporate event photography.

A specialty of Morton Visuals is capturing key moments. In addition to taking pictures discreetly, we can actively participate in the festivities to make the celebration more enjoyable.

Academic as well as medical conferences have been covered by our team. We have also covered many trade shows and corporate events. See how we can help you with your Coeur d’Alene conference photography.

It is obvious why this is the case. Our team is committed to professionalism, and we specialize in corporate photography. Therefore, we are extremely familiar with how specific photos can benefit a campaign, brand, or company. The fact that we have 30 years of professional photography experience, redundant (top-of-the-line) equipment, and the confidence to describe ourselves as experts makes us the right choice to handle corporate event photography.

Morton Visuals specializes in the capture of key moments. As an expert at blending into the background, we can take pictures discreetly or participate in the festivities to get into the spirit.

Our Coeur d’Alene convention photography team has covered both corporate and medical conferences. Additionally, we have covered trade shows and organizations as well. Cvent, the global leader in event management, has written an article that explains the differences between conventions, conferences and trade shows.

Event Photography Services

Morton Visuals offers three primary services (and one bonus service) for conferences and conventions:

Documentary Coverage

All major events, breakout sessions, trade shows, exhibits, sponsors and attendees engagement, speakers, presenters, and more are covered by us. As well as being used for social media throughout the event, this photography is used in marketing next year’s event. The slideshow at the top of the page offers examples of this type of photography. 

Conference Headshots

We are often hired to provide professional conference headshots as a value-added service to attendees if we are not providing extensive documentary coverage – or if the organization has in-house personnel covering the event. We’ve found that offering headshots to your guests has been extremely popular. We’ve written an article explaining how to offer headshots. TIP: Offer it to event sponsors as an extra promotion opportunity!)

Video Interviews and Testimonials

As part of Morton Visuals’ new services, key players in your organization can be interviewed in short videos. Guests can also share their thoughts about your event (and why it’s so valuable to attend) in testimonials. The clips can be used for a highlight reel at your event’s conclusion, but can also be used for social media marketing and marketing next year’s event as well!

Trade Show Booth Photography

Moreover, we are able to offer your sponsors and vendors professional exhibit photography that highlights their (often very expensive) displays as a bonus. Since vendors hire us directly for that, it does not cost the event organizers anything. All they need to do is let their exhibitors know that it’s available.

Key Benefits of CdA Event Photography by Morton Visuals

★ Experienced — Morton Visuals has been providing live coverage of events since 2004. From 2009 to the present, we’ve predominantly specializes in convention photography and conference photography. We’ve been shooting major events nationwide for over a decade, and are now excited to serve as a Coeur d’Alene Conference Photographer.

★ Nationwide Service — Upon request, we will deliver our high-quality, high-tech systems right at your event location. Events in numerous cities in the US have used our services. We list a few event locations on another page.

★ Multi-year Contracts — Be prepared! With our firm, you can lock in prices and contracts for a number of years and move between cities. Your marketing pictures will be consistent in terms of budget, price, and quality throughout the year when you do this.

★ Social Media — Working with Morton Visuals, you will be able to deliver near-real-time images to your social media accounts so you can share them with the world. Select images of the highlights from the day can be provided throughout, and a summary can be provided at the end. Keep your social media feeds updated the next day by sending out a slideshow.

Coeur d'Alene conference photography set up to deliver professional conference headshots for attendees

Professional Headshots — Recently, Morton Visuals added professional headshots to their conference services. It’s a fantastic addition to value-added services for VIPs, guests, and employees at any event! 

★ Group Portraits — This is usually the only time the entire Board of Directors can be seen together at these larger events. Your executives, staff, or any group of note at your event can be photographed by us in a beautiful group portrait.

★ Quality Images — We take care to properly expose, colorize, and crop every image. In this process, we remove images with blinks and images taken with any awkward expressions. This editing of images is crucial to marketing success. In addition, your images will have different orientations, more space for your text, and different angles. We understand the need for variety.

★ Efficient Delivery — Our deadlines are always met, regardless of how long it takes us to photograph each project. 

★ Cost Effective — We are aware of the tight budgets of marketing professionals, so we try as best as we can to work within the existing funds. Please let us know how we can best work with you.

We provide Coeur d’Alene convention photography to market your organization all year round, and capture your major events to expand your social media footprint.

In addition to working in many different settings, we have traveled extensively. If we know someone at the venue where your event will take place, or at least have knowledge of its layout and functions, there is a good chance we will be able to assist you.

We really love being a Coeur d’Alene conference photographer and being able to offer Coeur d’Alene convention photography in North Idaho!

Coeur d’Alene Convention Photography

Coeur d'Alene convention photography like the conference opening for Microsoft's West Coast partners
Microsoft West Coast Partners opening
lead singer in front of a convention audience

A convention is typically a large event attended by participants from various companies and organizations. The primary focus is usually trade and business activities. Some conventions include trade shows and exhibit halls during which sponsors display their product and service offerings.

Off-site activities may also be scheduled so convention attendees can enjoy the region’s attractions. Conventions provide businesses with the opportunity to display their products. If you need Coeur d’Alene convention photography, you want to ensure that your convention photographer is able to cover all the bases.

Marketing materials from previous years’ events are often used to inflate attendance numbers. When you choose Morton Visuals for your convention photography, we ensure maximum participation from sponsors and attendees alike.

Coeur d’Alene Conference Photography

SACSCOC conference stage in Houston
event photography captures Tsu Wei Chou's presentation for ASME at San Diego's Manchester Grand Hyatt

There is a fine difference between conventions and conferences. In general, organizations in the academic, medical, and trade sectors frequently hold conferences focused on education and information exchange. A conference is usually more focused on presentations than a convention, and is usually smaller and more intimate. In addition to keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and large general sessions, you can include multiple activities at your event.

In general, conference budgets tend to be smaller since sponsors are less likely to put money into a conference in exchange for a chance to market their products. No matter what your needs are, we work to develop Coeur d’Alene conference photography packages will work for you. Photography from your conference is vital to attracting sponsors and attendees next year. Highlight the learning, networking, and experiences attendees will have at your event and it will be that much more attractive to potential attendees.

Capturing Your Speakers on Stage

event photography of keynote speaker Les Brown speaking at the San Diego Convention Center
Convention Photography for Conferences and Meetings

Photographs of VIPs at conventions and conferences help promote the events that follow since they feature them prominently.

Eric Saperstein delivers the keynote address at the LTEN 2017 conference

We have always focused on these key people, whether they are celebrities or top executives. In addition to capturing every smile and focused expression, Williams’ timing is outstanding. With the ability to photograph events from all angles, including backstage, a range of images can be used for promotional purposes and social media use.

Engagement and Interaction

event photography showing vendors greeting NACE conference attendee in San Antonio
Vendor greets attendee at job fair

A handshake between a vendor and a (potential) customer is an example of the type of Coeur d’Alene conference photography that Morton Visuals offers.

Attendee engagement is one of the things that planning teams love to showcase to sponsors.

Morton Visuals is a professional Coeur d’Alene conference photographer, and with 14 years of experience he knows the nuances of active conferences. Let him help you make your event a success!