Avoid DIY Video Production for Your Business

Commercial Photography | San Diego | Dallas TipsAvoid DIY Video Production for Your Business

By now, business owners know they need to do some kind of video production in order to connect with customers. However, a big uncertainty remains: Do you choose a video production company or do it yourself? We recommend avoiding DIY video production.

In 2016, Google determined that 50% of consumers search for a video about a product before buying. Executives caught on, and now 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

It is relatively simple to turn on your phone’s camera, record a video, and hit upload. However, if you want your business to stand out, you’ll need a professional videographer on your side.

Selfie photo by Steve Gale via Unsplash

Here are some reasons to avoid DIY video:

It is not your area of expertise.

You are the expert when it comes to your business. Corporate photographers and videographers are experts when it comes to promoting your business. The best corporate videographers will have spent years studying details that make all the difference. These include lighting, angles, sound, and optimum video length.

Look for someone with a stunning portfolio and plenty of experience.

Video production takes time.

Corporate photography and videography are full-time jobs. Your focus should be on your business rather than on learning an entire new skillset. In addition to the time required to learn how to operate a camera and equipment, it also takes time to film and edit video. For example, it can take 1.5 days (working full-time) to properly edit a 3-minute video. Perhaps more if you want special effects.

Video equipment costs. A lot.

It takes a lot of equipment to produce a professional, high-quality commercial, testimonial, or training video. If you want to capture and hold the attention of consumers, you’ll need great lighting, excellent sound, a quality camera, and the latest editing software. You’ll also need to know how it all works!

It can cost around $15,000 to purchase all of the equipment you need for professional video production.

These days, anyone can produce a video of some kind. But your company deserves more than the basic, low-quality production that graces most of the internet. Avoid DIY video for your business’s production needs and trust the experts. And if you want customers to trust you as the expert in what you do, shouldn’t you do that very same thing?

Contact Morton Visuals to discuss your video production goals today! We are available in North Idaho, San Diego and Dallas.

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