How To Use Photography To Sell North Idaho Real Estate

real estate photography interior master bathroom vanity

Real Estate Photography Interiors

Although I’m a corporate photographer and don’t really do real estate photography, I did try my hand at some interior architectural photography this week. We’ve just had our master bathroom renovation in Hope Idaho completed, so I decided that it would be a good opportunity to try some new images.

It’s amazing how time-consuming it is to set up these shots — hiding reflections in a room full of glass doors and large mirrors. And then wait for the sunset through the window. Regardless, I’m pretty happy with how these interiors turned out.

real estate photography master bathroom with sunset view

Maybe I should make myself available to some Sandpoint realtors, or even some real estate agents in Coeur d’Alene. What do you think?

real estate photography master bathroom interior shower and bath
Alternate view of the Master Bath shows the bathtub’s fireplace
real estate photography great room and kitchen of a modern north Idaho residential property
Residential real estate photography showing the view in to the modern kitchen

Professional photographs can make a big difference in the way a property is perceived by potential buyers, renters, or investors. 

High-quality real estate photos can help a listing stand out from the competition, attract more attention online, and ultimately lead to a quicker sale or lease. In today’s market, potential buyers are often looking at listings online before they ever step foot on the property. First impressions matter, and good real estate photography can help make sure that a listing makes a great first impression. 

Architectural Photography Exteriors

Real estate photography isn’t just about taking pretty pictures. A good real estate photographer will know how to capture the best features of a property and use lighting and composition to create images that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of the space. 

Here are a few more images from the archives, which are architectural exteriors for real estate.

real estate exterior view of a residential property for north Idaho realtors
exterior architectural photography of The Peabody hotel in Orlando Florida
The Peabody Hotel in Orlando Florida.

If you’re selling or leasing a property, investing in professional real estate photography is well worth the money. Don’t you think?

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