5 Ways to Use Corporate Event Photography

Commercial Photography | San Diego | Dallas Event, Tips5 Ways to Use Corporate Event Photography

With COVID-19 cases dropping, events are once again becoming part of the norm. Corporate events like conventions, conferences, and meetings will soon be back in full swing. This means you will need a corporate event photography expert on your side.

Professional photographers can truly make or break how an event and the business that organized it is perceived. Suppose you send someone around with a phone or digital camera in low lighting to photograph moving people. In that case, the resulting images may not be suitable for anything more than a waiting room photo album.

Professional event photography is the marketing gift that keeps on giving. Choose a photographer with the best equipment, plenty of experience, and an unsurpassed understanding of the importance of storytelling. Morton Visuals has what it takes to make your company shine.

How to make corporate event photography to work for you

1. Market the next event:

When you are looking to publicize an event, there is no better way to grab and hold attention than to show people what to expect. Reading the words “Come to our convention in 2022!” simply doesn’t have the same impact as a slideshow that visually expresses how much fun people had during the previous year’s convention.

Studies show that if a picture is included with text, viewers can remember up to 65% more of the written information.

2. Post to social media during the event:

Many people don’t know that professional photographers can provide social media photography. If discussed during the brief beforehand, a professional photographer can provide a few same-day, professional-grade photos for you to post on your company’s social media pages. If you know you will need certain shots for use on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then you can enjoy the event and leave these vital images in your photographer’s capable hands.

Keep in mind that a Facebook post accompanied by an image is 2.3x more likely to see engagement than a simple text post. On Twitter, tweets with images can generate 150% more retweets. Social media photography is a must!

3. Use in website design:

You can use images from the event to update your website’s graphics. Company websites require eye-catching photos for landing pages, press releases, employee portraits, and even career pages. Event photography is your chance for one stop shopping. You can get all of these photos and more from just one convention, conference, or annual meeting.

It’s been proven that original graphics perform better than stock photos when it comes to helping companies connect with consumers.

4. Enhance brand storytelling:

These days, you don’t simply sell a product or service. You sell a lifestyle, an idea, a feeling. You sell a brand.

While intentional lifestyle photography and video production are indispensable parts of brand storytelling, allowing consumers to view your events’ candid photos can help them better understand what your brand means to you and your company. This type of photography is one more step in the direction of making a customer feel like they are truly a part of something great when they use your services or purchase your product.

Use these images in advertisements, videos, press releases, and more to reach consumers.

5. Update portraits:

You can include portraits in your event photography contract. A convention, conference, or annual meeting would be an opportune time to have portraits taken. Everyone is dressed up. Everyone is together. Take a few headshots, take group photos, and feature any keynote speakers or award recipients.

Morton Visuals has used this opportunity to photograph all the Board members of organizations who are spread out throughout the country, since the annual meeting or conference is the one time all are together. Unbounce suggests that having a “meet the team” page with photos can help potential consumers connect more easily with your company.

Simply put, appearance is everything.

67% of consumers state that the quality of photograph impacts whether or not they will choose to purchase a product. Make sure you are portraying your company or organization at its best, with the highest possible level of professionalism.

The photography from one event could keep your website, social media, and advertising needs met for the entire year. It is certainly an investment worth making.

Morton Visuals has specialized in this work for 12 years, covering conventions and conferences with with up to 15,000 attendees — including a couple of Presidents and a former First Lady. Get in touch with Morton Visuals to discuss your corporate event photography needs today.

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