4 Signs That Your Website Images Are Stale

Morton Visuals Tips4 Signs That Your Website Images Are Stale

In the age of social media, when new images are posted on Instagram and Facebook every second of every day, you can’t afford to let your website images fall behind.

Let’s start by answering a fundamental question: How important are visuals for creating a successful website (a.k.a. one that drives conversions)? The short answer is visuals are the most crucial part of creating a successful website.

These statistics back up that claim:

  • A study of 2,600 people in 2002 found that 46.1% of website visitors decide whether that site is credible or not based solely on its visual aspects. These visuals include font, layout, color scheme—and, of course, images.
  • A 2009 report by BCS-HCI cited that most people decide on a website’s credibility in just 3.42 seconds based only on its aesthetic appeal.
  • Finally, a 2017 report by marketing expert Jeff Bullas reported that 60% of consumers are more likely to connect with a business if an image appears in the relevant search results.

The pattern is clear. If the visuals for your website aren’t up to snuff, your business will not reach its full potential.

Morton Visuals specializes in corporate website images.

These types of images can include product photos, professional headshots, and event recaps, to name a few. If the only images visitors see are outdated, they may think your company is outdated, as well.

Here are some common issues we see when it comes to stale website images:

1.       Studio Headshots

older studio headshots need to be updated

We’ve talked before about the importance of making a solid first impression with a professional headshot. It takes less than a second for someone to decide if a person is trustworthy, based solely on seeing their face. The consensus is that casual headshots are in vogue right now. If you have a stiff (“old school”) studio headshot, potential clients and customers will know it’s been a while since you’ve updated.

However, keeping up with the times and opting for something more casual doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism. If you want a studio portrait, make sure your personality shines through. If you want a lifestyle photo, make sure your professional role shines.

2.       Outdated Event Photos

It’s a great idea to highlight corporate event photos on your website. They help show that you celebrate your employees and their successes. It allows potential customers, clients, and partners to see what your company is like outside of the office.

However, if your latest photos are from two or more years ago (with the exception of 2020), it may seem as if your company isn’t doing as well as it was. Make sure everyone knows your company is still relevant with recent website images featuring corporate events.

3.       Old Product Images

Once upon a time, a single photo of your product and a well-written description was enough to convert. With technology advancing, however, consumers expect more. Around 33% of people want to see multiple images of a product, while 60% prefer to see a 360° view of a product.

In short, consumers expect stunning visuals to inspire them to buy.

4.       Blog Images

Dell and Gateway use the same stock photography model for competing ads
Same model, same photo shoot, competing companies

It’s no secret that blog articles with images get more views. However, don’t settle for stock images. (We did an entire blog article on the pitfalls of stock photography.) Use professional photography for the web to tell your brand story successfully and show that you’re willing to invest in your company and its image.

For website images that are always fresh, choose a photographer with talent and experience in the corporate world. Morton Visuals stays focused on your needs, and is able to travel. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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