Have a Promotion or Sale Coming Up? 3 Ways Video Marketing Can Make It a Success

Commercial Photography | San Diego | Dallas TipsHave a Promotion or Sale Coming Up? 3 Ways Video Marketing Can Make It a Success

If you need to promote a sale or special event for your business, video marketing can make it a success.

We’ve talked before about how video provides the opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level. It’s important to utilize this technology to tell your brand story, but it can also give you an edge when advertising a sale or promotion.

In an article titled “Thinking vs. Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising,” the University of Southern California states that ads with emotional pull are 31% more likely to succeed. They use the examples of Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign and Google’s “Friends Furever” campaign. Dove saw sales increase from $2.5 billion to $4 billion during the first ten years of the campaign. Google’s videos were the most shared of 2015.

How did they do it? Emotional connection through professional video. You can use the same strategy to get your promotion noticed. When 84% of consumers say that a video convinced them to try a product, it’s safe to say that video is essential.

Consider the following ways to utilize video marketing:

  1. The Digital Marketing Institute suggests combining video marketing with other marketing strategies. For example, if your goal is to provide a coupon code or giveaway entries, place the information at the end of a video. You’ll get to discuss your product, and they’ll receive a reward.
  2. Though Google has not explicitly confirmed this, digital marketers believe that search results featuring video content rank more highly than those without. That means that if you combine a traditional website ad with video, you’re more likely to get clicks.
  3. Mobile users love video. As of 2019, 2.16 billion people used mobile devices to watch video. Make sure you optimize your video for mobile devices so viewers can easily watch and share information about your sale or promotion.

There are countless benefits to hiring a professional production team for your video marketing needs. Morton Visuals has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. We specialize in corporate video, which means we fully understand how your advertisement will be used.

Let us help you make the most effective, shareable video content for your sale or promotion.

Contact Morton Visuals today!

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